Why Should We Try To Embroider?

Embroidery is a very fine form of art that reflects your excellence and preferences and it will make a simple thing look 10 times more attractive with a sincere touch of a needle and some appropriate yarn or threads. This usually deals with yarn or threads but in recent days with the modification of fashion trends, it includes other unusual materials also that we use to make our clothes look gander.  The list covers metal strips, sequins, pearls, beads, quills and much more.


The very basic method of embroidery involves some of the ancient stitches like chain stitch, running stitch, cross stitch, satins stitch or blanket stitch. Though these are very basic stitches but for effective embroidery one has to learn these before absorbing the newest techniques with an embroidery machine.

There are different opinions on the origin of embroidery. Most convincing one says that it was originated in parts. Some were found in north Europe, China Chou dynasty, and Egypt.


Embroidery demands sheer concentration and high level of excellence with extreme passion. The knowledge would be helpful and you can take it to completely different level with your passion and dedication.

Here we will discuss some reasons why we should try to embroider. Although no arts needs a reason, only passion is the answer in such fields but this topic will inspire you to take embroidery seriously.

#1. In clothes:

Embroidery was invented for these sole purpose in ancient civilizations. They used to make a different pattern with specific meanings on clothes with the help of needle and threads. They used different items as well like yarns or something else according to their time and fashion sense. With time, the basic need of embroidery hasn’t changed.

Even in the modern age we widely use embroidery on clothes to make it look prettier. We use a different design and most of the expensive designer clothes come with this special type of art. With different threads and silks or metal strips, we make the patterns on clothes. Here we can use a needle but that is used especially for a small project or very special ones. Nowadays we use different types of embroidery machines for quick processing.


#2. On accessories:

In recent fashion flow, we come across accessories that have embroidery on it. Most of the times they are used with dresses with same designs on them. They range from earring to purse and cordially accepted by today’s trend. It not only gives you an unusual look but makes you feel different at the same time. You can easily make one with proper stuff and time if you know the basic embroidery.

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how to choose a best embroidery machine for beginners

#3. For decoration:

There are many things that we use to compliment out interior has embroidery on them now. This is a perfect blend of creativity and culture. You can make different patterns depending on your mood and there could be vases, lamp shades or wall-hangings in your drawing room or bedroom to show your excellence. This would give your room a perfect look and see your own creation do that would make you happy.

#4. For innovative gifts:

We always scratch our head when it comes to choosing gifts for our loved ones. If you know embroidery it would be really easy for you. You can make something be it clothes, accessories or a night lamp or some other things and customize it with embroidery that would make the person utterly happy. There are many more ideas where you can put embroidery and it will go with them perfectly making the whole thing more elegant.

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#5. Serious profession:

Considering the embroidery realm in the fashion industry you can easily take it seriously to make a profession. If properly done, the works are highly appreciated and they can pay pretty well. This will boost up your confidence and inspire you for something greater in this field. Textile industry offers a very strong and huge platform for embroidery work.

Personal satisfaction is another reason why one should try to embroider. The innovative patterns drawn on the clothes or any other thing will make you feel happy and believe in yourself.

These are the most sensible answers to the question: why should we embroider? And one of the finest and ancient form of art may flourish with your thoughts and needle.