Tips On Using Embroidery Machine For Applique

Have you ever wondered that you would buy a new embroidery machine and then you figured it was too difficult to use? When you are stuck in your ways, you always find new challenge hard. However, if you are actually keen on it, everything becomes easier. It was said that using embroidery is so hard so they give up without trying using it. Unlike many people, I realized that what I studied from this machine was more interesting than I expected because I could learn something new and could be as creative as I want to be.

Here is my list of thing you need to use an embroidery machine.

#1 – Find out about your machine

In the first time, it seems quite difficult to learn how to use a machine. Something that you read on the book is far from the truth. However, at least you need to know how to attach embroidery whose function is to hold and guide the hoop so you can embroider as well as attach the hoop, and then you should know how to change a needle, thread a machine, select and load the design.

#2 – Choose the high-quality thread

The material of embroidery threads is cotton, rayon, polyester, and metallic. They are completely different and the quality of threads is to depend on how and where they stored, how and how long it was made. The high-quality thread is adequate to requirements such as it is fewer breaks and shredding. In addition to, selecting proper bobbin is also very important because if it is too big or small, it makes your embroidery machine thick and stiff.

#3 – Use the suitable needle

Although the needle is tidy, it plays an important role in operating machine. The right needle can be created a surprise result that brings the thread through the fabric without damaging both thread and fabric. The size of the needle is to depend on what kind of fabric and your purpose to create products. The tailor suggested that if you want to get a good result, you should choose the needle with the size 70 to 80. Besides, you had better check the needle regularly and be sure that it works well and remember change it when it needs to fix, even it does not break.

#4 – Use the proper hoop

The hoop which consists of a pair of concentric circular and elliptical ring belongs to stabilizing process in the machine. You cannot rectify the bad hoop, so let’s use the proper hoop.

#5 – Select suitable stabilizer

To choose a proper stabilizer, you probably spend hours since you are overwhelming with various choices on the market. Besides, you need to consider your designs for example, what do they look like, their size or shape to get the good result. Thickness or thinness is not a sign to show its stability because some kinds of fabric are stable and the others are not

Let’s do it

The best way is to practice, so if you want to know how to use an embroidery machine, just do it!