Tips For A New Embroidery Enthusiasts: A Must Have Tools And Equipment

Embroidery is one of the most fulfilling hobbies whether you do it for fun or business. Though it does not need to be expensive, people who plan to get involved to higher levels need a few things to be successful. Getting the right tools makes embroidery more fun, and fulfilling. Therefore, even as you pick the best embroidery machine, you will need to have the following tools and equipment.

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i) Laying tools

When an embroidery works with multiple plies and is using a single needle, it is important to ensure that your threads are parallel while stitching. This is commonly referred to as laying the thread. Some of the tools to assist you to achieve this include bodkin, stroking tool, and a trolley needle. It is prudent to check the right laying tools for your machine because some machines are different.


ii) The pincushions

These are important for helping to stow threaded needles especially for people who need to vary colors often. Because pincushions are sold in different sizes as well as styles, select the type that perfectly fits your basket or stitching bag. In some instances, some embroidery even makes their own models. A readymade pincushion that is sold with emery filled grit is preferable because it helps with self-cleaning.

iii) Needle case

As you work on the fabric, you need to be sure of safety for both the working tools as well as yourself. A needle case or needle book is very useful equipment that helps in keeping all the needles and pins protected and well organized. Though it is an item you can prepare on your own, there are ready made designs that you can buy from the shops. The magnet is often added to the needle case to keep the needles in place.

iv) Thread palette


These are paper, wood, or plastic palettes that contain holes on the edges for holding individual threads of varying colors, which are attached with half-hitch knots.

v) Thread organizer

There are a number of products in the market today to assist with storage and easier identity. The simplest of these is the individual plastic bags that are held together on a ring. Many storage boxes like the ones used in hardware as well as fishing lures are considered better when wounding thread on bobbins.

vi) Tape measure and a ruler

A clear plastic ruler with clear markings is an invaluable addition to any stitching and embroidery enthusiast. If space is a problem, consider using a tape measure.

vii) Magnification and lighting

When you are working on fabric, you need to have a clear view of everything including the needle tip, needle eye, and other minute parts of your best embroidery machine. Look for the light that effectively directs on the entire embroidery area. Some good choices include swivel-arm lamps and floor lamps. Some of the modern embroidery machines and even used embroidery machines have properly positioned lights to illuminate the entire working area.

viii) Screwdrivers kit



A set of screwdrivers’ kit is important because you will regularly require removing the needle and change it, open the bobbin, and fasten other parts that you might find loose when going about your daily chores. Make sure to check for the kit sold by dealers of your machine to be sure the screwdrivers will work well.


When you have the right tools and an optimally performing machine, you will find the machine easy to use and address minor issues. The kit is particularly important for starters who are still learning about their machines. To enjoy the work, even more, ensure to take care of your machine and always get genuine replacement parts when necessary.