How To Buy A Suitable Embroidery Machine

There are many options out there for buying an embroidery machine. Prospective buyers of these machines can give a difficult time buying these machines if they don’t know how they can purchase they can purchase them.  Before getting into any deal to buy an embroidery machine, buyers should do thorough research to find out where and the factors to consider before purchasing the machine. Below are some of the factors that will help you while you are looking for the right machine and how you can buy it.

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#1 Which type of machine you want and its usage

First of all, buyers should decide which type of embroidery machine they want. There are two types of machines that customers can choose from. The two types of machines: the home embroidery machines and the commercial embroidery machines.

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The home embroidery machine is also subdivided into two other categories which are basically in its features; one has a combination of sewing and embroidery while the other has only the embroidery option.

The commercial one also has 3 subcategories which are: single head embroidery machines, Multi-head machine, and specialty embroidery machine. All these machines do have pre-programmed designs that users can choose from plus they also allow custom designs to be fed through floppy disks and USB.

#2 Finding the right dealer

Embroidery machine manufacturers do have strict guidelines on dealer rules which include teacher training; technical workshops and certifications which make the customer have valuable assets once they do make the purchase. Even though the stringent guidelines for dealers, they are independently owned and thus their services and products do vary. So making a final decision on where to buy an embroidery machine can be daunting, but no need to worry, just make sure these services are offered  by the dealer; a friendly and interactive store staff, the warranty on all items purchased, repairs, classes and special events.

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#3 The cost of the machine

Once chosen the type of machine to find out its cost, and if it’s too high, then asking the dealer if they have used embroidery machines will be a viable option. These machines are conditioned and work perfectly like new ones and because it is sold by a dealer you are sure to get a good deal plus warranty even it will be for a short period of time. By doing this you can own the best embroidery machine at a friendly price.

#4 Find out about the accessories and supplies

Try and find out if the supplies that are needed for the machine to run accordingly are readily available.  Also, find out if the accessories that do come with the embroidery machine will cover your embroidery needs. Some embroidery machines are limited in the size of embroidery it can do. Find out from the dealer about the design software, the hoops, feet, embroidery thread, and stabilizers so as to know if these will prove a hindrance once you begin embroidering.

#5 After Sales Services

Finally, make sure that the dealer offers great after-sales services such as machine repairs, classes on how to use the machine and certifications. These come in handy if you don’t know how to use embroidery machines, but will help in mastering the art of embroidery through the embroidery machines.


Hope that the points above have simplified how to buy an embroidery machine. After all is said and done the final decision still remains with you. Make sure that you research widely through the internet and your local dealership store.