Verfons Firming Eye Cream,Verfons Snake Venom Firming Eye Cream, Verfons Firming Eye Cream for Bags, Anti Aging Eye Bag Cream, Instant Remove Eye Bags Fades Fine Lines and Wrinkles (1PC)

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Verfons Snake Venom Firming Eye Cream: Sodium Hyaluronate, Lock in moisture without loss, care for the bottom layer of the skin. Improve Eye Problems: reduce fine lines, improve dynamic wrinkles by tightening skin. Refreshing and moisturizing:Replenishes the moisture of the bottom of the skin,Strong moisturizing and water locking effect makes skin firm and elastic Easy to absorb: take a grain of rice sized eye cream and apply it on the ring finger, gently pat the eye area; Make circular movement along the skin texture; Gently lift and massage the area under the eyes to help absorption.