AJARAM Skin Ayurveda Night Regenerating Moisturizer Retinol 0.5% with K- Miracle Oil Hydrating Therapeutic Night Moisturizer Firmness and Anti-Wrinkle



ANCIENT WISDOM + MODERN SCIENCE: Our Night Regenerating Moisturizer contains 0.5% retinol, potent peptides, combined with our K-Miracle oil, and the result is a light, non-greasy cream that promotes collagen growth, lightens age spots and acne scars while building moisture content in skin, and gorgeous glowing skin. ANCIENT WISDOM: Ayurveda beauty secret, Kumkumadi Oil (aka Ajaram’s K-Miracle Oil) is described as a “Miraculous Elixir” because massaging it in your face is believed to make your face “glow like gold.” MODERN SCIENCE: Vitamin A (retinol) boosts the amount of collagen in the skin and plumps it, reducing fine line and wrinkles. Bio-peptides, also contained in this product, adds to the stimulating collagen-boosting processes, tissue firmness and elasticity, which visibly improves skin tone and color, reduces patches, and repairs it for radiant and younger looking skin. Ajaram’s Night Regenerating Moisturizer 0.5% Retinol helps soften the signs of aging and keeps skin firm and hydrated, producing long-term regenerative results. Best results when used together with our K-Miracle Oil.


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