Machine Embroidery Thread – Some Recommends When We Buy Thread For Machine

There are a lot of different types of embroidery threads that you can use. Therefore, to choose a suitable thread is not easy at all. Which brand? Which type? Where?


The first is brands,

There are different brands of embroidery thread. Different embroidery will have their strong opinions about the brand that they use, therefore, I will not mention this aspect. Remember, with quality threads, this will cost more than the other, and also, if you don’t want to have trouble with your machine, choose the brand you believe. Here are some brands that I recommend: Isacord, Floriani, Maderia or Polystar, Mettler, Metro, Sigma, Exquisite, Gunold…

Besides brands, the type of threads, fiber contest.

Polyester or Rayon? Polyester threads are stronger, will not shrink, bleed, or fade, holds up to chlorine bleach, a cheaper one. Rayon, is softer for less wear and tear, has a beautiful sheen. Choose Polyester or Rayon is a personal choice, they have the similar effect and performance.

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Cotton thread: is usually for automatic embroidery machines, it’s performs beautiful and has a lovely, soft sheen. When you buy this type, choose sizes 30wt or 50wt for strength and sufficient coverage. (Brands: Aurifil, Madeira, Mettler)

Silk thread: Combining the strength of polyester and the stability of cotton, sews smoothly without breaking. Silk are available in a wide range of sizes, but, like cotton, 30wt to 50wt is suitable for an embroidery machine. (Brands: Janome, Tire, YLI Kanagawa)


Metallic threads: are manufactured with a center core wrapped with metal foil. Use metallic threads, you must do more carefully than use rayon or cotton one. But it is the good choice for the detail with sparkling accents in the design. (Brands: Madeira, Mettler,…)

Special-effect embroidery thread:  There are various enhancement threads, from a fluffy acrylic/fleece based assortment, which makes an old-fashioned crewel-like impact, to fluorescent neon threads. Some threads change hues when presented to daylight, and others gleam oblivious. (Brands: Madeira, Superior Threads NiteLite…)

Finally, where to buy it?

Local Shops? The embroidery thread and other dealers going to be somewhat more costly here, however, they will probably convey the more pleasant brands and it’s generally decent to see a shading in an individual when you are hoping to coordinate a particular shade.


Online Shop? Shopping online is awesome. You can discover higher quality brands at MUCH better costs. The drawback is you’ll need to pay for delivery and you can’t see the definite shading you are going to get (it can baffle to understand that the cream you thought you were purchasing is really a light dark!). The greater part of these shops, additionally offer other embroidery supplies like a stabilizer.

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Bottom line

Luckily, needle makers have planned needles particularly for embroidery thread, some with specific eyes that dispense with stripping or part the thread as it goes through them. Machine-embroidery needles by Schmetz or Madeira have marginally adjusted focuses to keep away from harm to rayon threads. Topstitching needles can likewise be utilized with most embroidery threads. Furthermore, Madeira’s Metallic, Sullivan’s Metafil, and the Schmetz Metallica needles, for instance, intended for metallic embroidery thread, have a lengthened eye and a unique shaft to lessen grinding.



Pick the needle size as per the weight of your fabric. A dishonorably measured needle or an old or scratched needle can make thread shred and break. Keep in mind to supplant needles regularly (I change mine after like clockwork of sewing and embroidery time).

Hopefully, with these recommend, you can choose the thread for your own project! Thank you for reading.


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