Some Difficulties When You Join The First Embroidery Project

Embroidery is the finest form of art to show your talent and excellence with a thread and needle but in recent days, we widely use an embroidery machine for large-scale projects. Not only on clothes, embroidery has entered all the other fields of fashion accessories and has been accepted cordially. It is one of the best ways to show the uniqueness of your taste and the soothing pattern will lighten up your mood whenever you wear those stuff. There are many ways and different stitches of embroidery and with each passing day, the field is becoming wider with a variety of application field and way of finishing.

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Nowadays, except for home based projects we use embroidery machines. The best embroidery machine will reduce your effort and the time is taken for a particular project and the design will be more efficient. Though there are various advantages of embroidery machines, there are difficulties as well when you are going to sign your first projects.

As a beginner, we all face these basic problems while doing our first embroidery projects and in this article, we will discuss these problems while concluding some solution.

Note: Some experience for beginners to embroider

#1 – Anxiety issues:

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The first thing we face while doing our very first project is anxiety. We become very conscious and confidence level happens to fluctuate a lot. This results in irregular outcomes and hampers the flow of the work. The solution is to keep your calm. You have invested in the best embroidery machine and all other stuff like threads so there is no need to get unnecessarily worried. You have enough knowledge and practice, so take a deep breath, trust yourself and start embroidering.

#2 – Some basic failures:


There would be a time when the pattern is not exactly what you wanted it to be or the colors don’t match properly. You may think that you have failed in this field but who has ever succeeded without failing at least once? This is a cumulative process and you have to be patient. Take as many classes as you can, practice under the supervision of experts and it will definitely increase your skill. The more you invest your time and effort the better you get and that will make you more confident resulting in improvised outcomes.

#3 – Lack of theoretical knowledge:

Sometimes you have practiced some special tricks and stitches but overall theoretical knowledge is also important in every field of art. Read as many books and journals as possible and go through details available on the internet. There is a vast collection on any topic and make the most out of it. Invest your time and cultivate your patient this will lead you to success.

#4 – Wasting too much money on useless gadgets:

As a beginner, you will always want to buy all the available gadgets to make you project better but most of the times they turn out to be useless. You need some basic tools (best embroidery machines, embroidery threads etc.) to create a masterpiece with an appropriate amount of knowledge and a lot of patience. The best advice will be not waste your money in all these gadgets before starting the projects. A better thing would be to go with the flow and buy tools as required.

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#5 – Too complex début projects:

As a beginner, you sometimes may get confuse with the complexity project and your skill. You may think that it suits your knowledge but there are other factors like patience and experience. They matter a lot in embroidery field. So it would always be better to start with small projects. The simplicity will make you feel delighted and the progress of work will boost up your confidence.

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#6 – Avoiding test stitch:

Most of the stitches vary with digitizer, stabilizer or quality of the fabric or threads. As a beginner, we tend to avoid these facts and eventually end up in different stitches. That troubles us a lot and may lead to financial loss as well. The best solution for this situation is to run test stitch on the same material you will work on keeping all the other factors unchanged. This thing will surely improve your performance.

Always keep fingers away from the machine needles

#7 – Monotonic conventional patterns:

As a beginner, we are always scared to try something new and we go with those conventional stitches and patterns that are quite monotonic in nature. What you can do in such situation is that after a while try something new and improvise the way.

These are the basic difficulties we face in embroidery industry even while dealing with used embroidery machines and to conclude I would like to mention another common thing that goes with all other creative fields, enjoy the work and it will flourish in a natural way.


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