[Review] Janome Embroidery Machine Hoop B for 300e/ 350e/ 9500/ 9700


Janome Embroidery Machine Hoop B for 300e/350e/9500/9700

Janome Embroidery Machine Hoop B for 300e/350e/9500/9700

This is an embroidery hoop that comes with a template and it is compatible with these models:MC10001, MC9700, MC 9500, MC 350E and MC 3000E.

This embroidery hoop measures 5.5 by 7.9 inches. This is an area similar to that which the machines come with when bought. The embroidery area is large and this is advantageous to those who work with bigger projects. You can stitch big patterns on bigger pieces of fabric compared to the limited use of 4 by 4 inch or less embroidery areas. Bigger designs measuring up to 5.5 by 7.9 inches can be used with the hoop. This is a good hoop for professional embroidery. Also, you have been stitching for a long time, you are probably fed up with smaller designs and now you are venturing into the big ones. This embroidery area will serve you right.

The worry of stopping your embroidery after the initial hoop you bought with the machine cracks or breaks is now gone. The Janome Embroidery Machine Hoop B has the solution. All you need to do is find a good retailer online or hop to the nearby store and get it. The replacement it brings is very good and almost goes unnoticed because it perfectly fits in the machine. The material of which the Janome Embroidery Machine Hoop B is made is good and it offers good resistance to early ageing and cracking.

The hoop is a product of Janome and you therefore need not to ask many questions as if it were generic. The compatibility it gives is top level and although the prices can be a little bit high, I would still say the hoop is worth the money because you have decided to go for quality by purchasing this.