[Review] Embroidery Hoop A – 4.3″ x 5″ – for Janome MC300E MC9500…


Embroidery Hoop A - 4.3

Embroidery Hoop A - 4.3

In the embroidery industry, we cannot forget the existence of the Janome Manufacturers. They make many machines and accessories. Among these are the Embroidery machines. The machines need hoops and one hoop type that can be used is the Embroidery Hoop A. This is a hoop that can be mounted on many machines including Janome and Bernina. The versatility is a great feature that makes the hoop a good replacement part. It fits in the machines quite well nad no one has complained about the compatibility yet.

The features that this hoop includes an adjustable screw. This allows for flexibility in terms of the material that can be secured for embroidery. There is a clear grid that is provided to ensure accurate alignment of the designs on the fabric as you want them and do away with ugly patterns that are not proportional or are leaning on a side. There is an embroidery area measuring 4.3” by 5”.

This provides ample space to do moderate designs and is relatively larger than the small hoops that measure 4” x 4”. For replacements of your Janome hoops, the Embroidery Hoop A is a good choice as long as your model number can take the size. If you love Janome memory Craft Embroider machines, then be ready to go in the stores someday looking for embroidery hoops.

If that moment comes, remember the generic Embroidery Hoop A can fit on some models. therefore, you don’t have to purchase a new machine altogether to continue having high-quality designs.