[Review] Elipse 4-Hoop Embroidery Package w/ Embroidery Thread and Scissors for Brother PE-700


Elipse 4-Hoop Embroidery Package w

Elipse 4-Hoop Embroidery Package w

This is package with four hoops specifically made for the Brother PE-700, PE 700II, PE 750D, PE 770, PE 780D, Innovis 1000, Innovis 1200, Innovis 1250D, PC 6500, PC 8200, PC 8500, PC 8200, PC 8500 and BabyLock Ellure (ESL), Emore and Esante (ESE2).

The hoops in the package are an extra-large 5 by 12 inch3-Position embroidery hoop; a large 3 by 7-inch embroidery hoop, a 4 by 4-inch embroidery hoop and an extra small 1 by 2.5-inch embroidery hoop.

This is a stylish hoop because it allows you to embroider several designs and even overlap several designs in one hooping. The style that comes out with this is no doubt amazing because color blends are most of the time better than single goes.

The large hoops are for you to do the big designs on a big material. If you are still asking why you need the other hoops in the package, I am not tired of telling you that different materials require different hooping. A small t-shirt will require hooping on smaller dimensions and here is where the 4”x4” comes in handy. You can go even lower if you want to do pockets or some experimentation in which case you don’t want to waste fabric with your trials.

The hoops are very strong and they will deal with thick fabric gracefully. Their sturdy nature also guarantees them a longer life. The extra-large hoop, for example, can withstand up to 60 pounds at its center.

The accessories in the pack are a great provision. There is a high-quality polyester embroidery thread (seven spools) and Embroidery Stork Scissors.