Nailing Your Commercial Embroidery Machine Purchase on the First Try

Whether you have been in the embroidery business for all your life or just a newbie, the hard fact of how costly the commercial embroidery machine can have already hit you squarely in the face. Which is why you know quite well that you can’t afford to make trial and error run in this case. You have to make the right pick on the first purchase. The issue is, if you’re a first-time buyer, the right purchase requires you to be well informed and understand the intricate and delicate nature of the machine. If you’ve done this before, the ever-changing technology can prove to be a headache to grapple on to so you need constant information to stay up-to-date. Before you throw in a towel, you might want to read this to the end. You might find all the answers that you have been seeking tirelessly for regarding commercial embroidery.

#1 – Buying a new commercial embroidery machine

If you can afford it, you’re better off with a new machine. The reasoning behind this is pretty obvious other than the new smell. But, even in this case, you still need to know you’re pulling all the right strings. Here are some of the things that you should consider especially with regards to the features.



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Robustness: Needless to say, this will be largely used to complete large orders. It needs to have the capacity to run all day each day and not keep breaking down. You need a computerized embroidery machine that will not wear out and has the capacity to keep up with the demands of the business. For this, you will look at the size, quality and also the speed of the machine.

  • Larger sewing field: You never want to lose business just because you don’t have the room on your machine to get the job done. Which is why a large sewing field will definitely come in handy.
  • Multi-Needle: You might have gotten used your high-end consumer embroidery machine at home. But even that $6,000 monster has nothing against a commercial option with multi-needles. It offers you faster results with better precision and better results. You will definitely need the extra needles to make sure you get customer orders ready in time especially when the designs have multiple colors in them.
  • Training and support: While you might be adept with a good deal of the commercial embroidery machines, the truth is, with new technology adorning these work-horses each waking morning, you might need some slight training to make the most out of your new purchase. If not, you might need help troubleshooting a problem here and there. Which is why you should go for a dealer or brand that prioritizes customer and after-sale services.
  • Additions: To make them more enticing, some of the machines will always have some added accessories that are a critical part of the product. These in some cases might include the hoops or added bobbins. Ideally, this would save you plenty because the accessories on their own do not come cheap. Hoops for instance will set you back a cool $10 each and you might need a couple.  So you can see why the accessories are worth considering.

Other features that you should also consider are if the machine features an auto trim feature, limitless number of stitches, the extent of the design memory and also the warranty. You might also want to consider the type of memory storage it uses. The older models used Floppy Disks which have since become very hard to find. You’re better off getting one that uses a USB stick. Not only is it easier to find but also easier to use and more portable.

#2 – Buying a used model

Supposing you don’t have the money to splash on a new embroidery machine for business, you can start yourself off with a used model. They will cost you significantly less and with some luck, you might get yourself a true diamond in the rough. However, you need to be quite careful. You will need to be pragmatic on your purchase. While you want to save on your capital, you don’t want to compromise on quality.  At the same time, you don’t want to spend too much on a washed up commercial embroidery machine.

  • Age: Your first concern should be the age of the machine. While they’re some Tajima, SWF and other reliable brands that were made in early 2000’s that can hold their own, it is safe to say that maintenance is key and you’re better off with a newer model just to be safer. Also, older machines may not have certain features that would make them severely handicapped in the current market.

Such features would include the type of memory, the display control panel and more importantly some of the replacement parts. The more recent machines allow you to view your preferred design before the output. The display panels of the older models might not be able to support this increasing your margin of error.

  • Transferable digitizing software: When buying a commercial embroidering machine, you need to make sure that the embroidery software is transferable. If not, this might bring your business to a screeching halt.

With the used models, you also need to know if the machine will come with embroidery hoops and other related accessories or parts. This can greatly affect that price but not necessarily the functioning of the machine. For the sake of expounding your horizon, you need to make sure that the used commercial embroidery machine is able to do Caps and also comes with the right drivers. It will make the transition much easier for you.

#3 – Making more out of your time

The greatest challenge with using commercial embroidery machines is the noise they produce. It is an occupational hazard that you might have to put up with. However, if you find this to be too much of a bother, there is another way you can get around it. Using White noise machines. White noise sounds like a waterfall or wind blowing through trees. Definitely soothing and comforting you must say. It can be used for a variety of reasons. Commonly, it is used for Tinnitus patients and can also be used to help you sleep better at night. Because it’s also used to mask other more irritating sounds, the white noise technology can be used to make your commercial embroidery working space more conducive for you and your workforce.

It is not certain if you can get a machine that also has the white noise feature yet. So, you might have to get the gadget separately. While it will be an added cost, it does prove to be worth the investment as it might also be the key to better sleep for you during the night and longer hours at the embroidery shop.

There is nothing worse than your new business getting a new order and immediately finding out that your newly acquired equipment can’t handle the order. Getting the right tools will be key to your success and a greater part of that will be reliant on the quality and savvy nature of your commercial embroidery machine and how adept it is at the current market. With the features and other aspects that you should look out for that have been outlined, you should be able to escape such a catastrophe.