Michael Jibson's Biography

Michael Jibson's Biography
Feb 2023

Michael Jibson

Michael Jibson's Biography

Who is Michael Jibson?
Michael Jibson is a male actor, voice over artist, writer, from kingston upon hull,
What is Michael Jibson known for?
Michael Jibson is know for the lighthouse 2016
When is Michael Jibson's birthday?
Michael Jibson was born on 1980-12-16.
What is Michael Jibson's nationality?
Michael Jibson holds british citizenship.
What is Michael Jibson's zodiac sign?
Michael Jibson's zodiac sign is sagittarius .
What is Michael Jibson's physical appearance?
Michael Jibson is a average
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m)
Weigh: 76 kg (167 lbs)
Hair color: brown
Eyes color: blue
What is Michael Jibson's education and career?
Michael Jibson received Guildford School of Acting from hessle high school sixth form college
What is Michael Jibson's marital status is?
Michael Jibson is married.
What is Michael Jibson's net worth 2023?
Michael Jibson's net worth is USD $14 Million Approx.
Who's the father of Michael Jibson?
Michael Jibson's father is tim jibson .
Who is/are the brother(s) of Michael Jibson?
Michael Jibson's brother(s) is/are paul jibson .
Where can I find Michael Jibson on social media?
Michael Jibson can be found on social media at Instagram , Twitter , Wikipedia