[Review] Medium Hoop for Brother SE 270D Embroidery Machine


Medium Hoop for Brother SE 270D Embroidery Machine

Medium Hoop for Brother SE 270D Embroidery Machine

This is a hoop that is used for many models of Brother Embroidery machines and is a product of Embroider. It can be used for the following models: SE 270, SE 350,SE 400, HE 1, HE 120, HE 240, NV 500D, NV 900D, NV 950D, PE 300, PE 400, PE 500, LB 6770, LB 6800 and the Baby lock Intrigue BLI.

It is a 4×4 hoop that is used for moderate size designs. It fits into the machine perfectly and you do not need to screw it up to tighten. The good thing with the relatively smaller versions like this particular one is that they fit in many machines. The plastic does not make it last for few weeks. It will take through many stitching processes without breaking down. Do not worry about the durability.

The hoop can difficult to use mostly during the first days of use but after some time and going through the manuals, you should be able to use the machine right. It is made of different parts – an inner loop and an outer one. You need to know how to adjust them when looking for a tight fit.

Try out this hoop and you will ease out the embroidery work for your machine. The result is having your embroidery done just as you wished because for the machine to produce those beautiful stitches, it needs a good working surface which this hoop provides. It is cheap and it will not cost you much getting several of them so that you are ever ready for stitching. Because of the size of the hoop, this is limited to usage of designs that are not very big. If you do very big designs, you can look for a bigger hoop.