[Review] Medium Embroidery Hoop – SA443 Replacement – for Brother Machines PE-770, 700..


Medium Embroidery Hoop – SA443 Replacement

Medium Embroidery Hoop – SA443 Replacement

The hoops come with two different grids: A purple one and a green one. The models that use the purple transparent grid are: Bother PE 700, PE 700II, PE 750D, PE 770, PE 780D; Innov-is 1250D, Innov-is 1000, Innov-is 1200; BabyLock- Ellure, Ellure Plus, and more.

Brother models that use the green transparent grid are: PC 6500, PC 8200, PC 8500, PC 8500D; Babylock models that use the green transparent grids are Ellure, ESL, and Esante (ESE2)

The grids (both purple and green) are clear and provide proper alignment of the patterns. The grids are good for doing an embroidery of medium size designs. You may find this hoop suitable for decorating such material as towels.

An adjustment screw is available to hold up a variety of fabric in terms of thickness. This enables the user to do embroidery on many different types of materials. For monograms, the hoop is equally good to use.

The hoops that come with the embroidery machines can be good but what next after they are spoilt and they have lived their lifespan? You obviously have to find alternatives and this hoop is one of the options you will find in the market. For the Brother SA443 hoop, this can be a good replacement.

This is a cheap embroidery hoop going at friendly prices. The size is good for people who do stitching of moderate design sizes. Therefore makes it a good choice for those who are just learning how to stitch. However , It can be limiting when it comes to those who do professional embroidery because they tend to deal with designs of bigger sizes.