Making Your Own Bath Towel By Embroidery Machine

Bath towel is an important item that is always available in our bathroom. We use the bath towel to dry and cover our body after taking a shower as well as absorb the excessive amount of water on our hair for best blow drying with a hair dryer.

On the market, there is a variety of bath towel with different designs, colors, and sizes for you to choose. However, if you already get one which is old, simple, monochromatic, less attractive, you can use your creation and skillfulness to create a very beautiful and unique towel for daily uses.

#1. In order to make your own bath towel, you need to prepare the following items

–    An embroidery machine

–    A bath towel

–    Spray adhesive

–    Tear away stabilizer

–    Water soluble topping

–    Marking pen

#2. Process

Step 1: Print an available design on the internet, you can choose different types of templates such as flowers, special symbols, letters or any types of patterns as you like. Then place the design on your towel and using the marking pen to mark the axis lines and the center point.

Step 2: You hoop your tear away stabilizer and spray a little amount of spray adhesive on it and wait for a few minutes.

Step 3: Put the towel on the hoop which contains the tear away stabilizer, use your hands to smooth it as much as possible.

Step 4: Continue putting the water-soluble topping on the top.

Step 5: You put those layers on the embroidery machine and check whether the excessive part of the towel is out of the hoop or not.



Step 6: After checking everything, you can start your project. In order to get the best result, don’t forget to use the embroidery needle or sharp sewing needle for your machine. After fishing your project, you take the hoop out can tear the water soluble topping by your hands.

Step 7: Find and eliminate the excessive threads if it has then use wet paper or sponge to get rid of the remaining parts of the water soluble topping.

Step 8: You cut the excessive tear away stabilizer and the right distance to the design should be 1,5 inch.

Step 9: Wash your bath towel and see your beautiful result!

#3. Notes

–    In order to fix the towel and water soluble topping so that they cannot move while embroidering, you can hoop all of them with the tear away stabilizer.

–    Don’t choose the design which has light stitches or solid fills because it can get lost during embroidering.

With some simple steps above, now you can completely get your final product. This new towel will look more vivid, colorful and attractive than the original one. In addition, it is not a bad idea if you can embroidery with your embroidery machine more another towel to give other members in your family. They will really love this meaningful and creative gift. Let start your project and enjoy!

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