Machine Embroidery Thread – Which Type Is Best For Your Machine?

Embroidery is aimed at removing that boring look on your fabric and giving it a lively look that is in line with your liking. When your towels, clothes, and curtains have a touch of your own, it stirs up the feeling of a king and this is exactly what you are with well-embroidered pieces – the king of your style. What then is needed to come up with the best patterns on your pieces? If you are doing hand embroidery, then you need to have the skill which often comes with experience. If you are using an embroidery machine, then you can bring out the designs with little effort.



Whether you are doing it by hand or with a machine, there is one thing that dictates the looks of your patterns – the thread. The embroidery threads come in different weights, material, and colors. The common materials used to make embroidery threads are cotton, rayon, polyester and silk. You need to know the best of embroidery thread for different works for you to get adorable results. The machine you use greatly influences your choice of thread and below are the best threads for different embroidery machines grouped by brand.

Machine Embroidery Thread Reviews 

  • 40 Spool Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Set Jewel Colors - 500M
  • Used for Brother, Babylock, Janome, Singer,..
  • Made of polyester->The thread have good strength and will give you a good pattern.
  • The polyester threads do not fade out. They are also resistant to bleaching and this is one great advantage compared to other types of embroidery threads that fade out after periods of washing and bleaching.
  • The spools fit well in the cartridge style thread holders which are the most common in embroidery machines. The tight fitting ensures that the thread supply to the machine is good and the designs come out just fine. Each spool has a plastic hub which is removable and is used as a thread holder in the embroidery machine.
  • The set comes with a convenient packaging which allows you to store your thread well. Most of the time you will use thread and some remains. If you work with many colors, you will need to store your embroidery threads well for easy retrieval.
  • 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Bright and Beautiful Colors
  • Used for Brother, Babylock, Janome, Singer,..
  • Each spool is 500 meters long. This length enables you to do many stitches and even the long ones. Since you have 40 spools, the overall length in one set is quite big.
  • The colors in the set are many to choose from. The color numbers are same to the brother threads. This makes the threads easy to match. If you love embroidery, this set is almost a necessary because the colors. It contains are used widely.
  • The thread is made of polyester and this guarantees good tensile strength. It does not break easily but instead gives you strong design patterns. They can also be used for thick fabric because of the strength.
  • The thread can be used for different projects and even quilting. If you are confused about which thread to choose or you have other sets, buy this to supplement your color library.
  • 63 Brother Colors Embroidery Machine Thread
  • These threads are good for use in any machine whether commercial or just at home.
  • It is made of polyester, a good material for embroidery threads. The stitches look great on your pieces. The polyester reflects light that falls on it and this improves the look of the designs.
  • A tensile strength of the thread is good and breakages are rare when doing your embroidery with these threads even with the high-speed machines.
  • It is a 40 weight thread and this makes the designs it creates look smooth. The modern computerized embroidery machines are made to make designs that use 40 weight threads to make beautiful designs. Therefore this is a standardized thread.
  • If you own an Embroidery Machine made by Bother, you need to think about this type of threads. From the array of colors to the quality of the material, the thread will do a good job for you.
  • 40 Large Spools Embroidery Machine Thread for Brother With Thread Locking Spool
  • You are provided with an array of colors and all you have to do is choose the best then get to your stitching.
  • The threads are an exact copy of the Brother Embroidery Machine threads. This gives you the best matching: do not break or fray during embroidering even with high-speed machines.
  • The spools are large. Each has thread measuring 1100 yards. This is a good length for doing big projects. You will not have to keep replacing the threads like you would do for shorter designs.
  • There is a thread lock at the bottom of the spool that makes these threads special and easy for subsequent uses. They are also resistant to bleaching.
  • Whether you are a beginner or a professional in embroidery, the varying colors are for you and you have a reason to buy this set of threads.
  • TAO industry Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread – 63 Variety Spools
  • A 63 color thread set that provides you a wide variety to choose from. You can make the designs you want with the colors you want.
  • The spools are each 550 Yards long. This saves your money because, with such lengths, you can do a lot of embroidery work before you run back to the shops to get new sets.
  • You can blend the colors to enhance the artistic appearance. Each spool has a length of 500 M which makes it suitable for large designs or several small ones.
  • These threads are good for use in any machine whether commercial or just at home. They are very artistic.
  • The threads are highly compatible with your embroidery machines, more so if you own the Brother brand.
  • 61 Thread for Brother Disney Embroidery Machine + RACK
  • This is an embroidery machine thread set of 61 spools. They are different colored spools that have the same numbering and colors as the Brother Embroidery threads.
  • If you want to make Disney Embroidery designs, then this is one of the thread sets that you can choose. The end result are beautiful stitches that look shiny and smooth.
  • The length is adequate to enable you work with many designs and also the very large ones. You should not be limited by the length of your threads anymore.
  • The colors are arranged in rows of related shades so that you can make your blends gracefully. you also find a color easily and save time.
  • Each spool measures 1100 Yards and the threads are 40 weight Polyester. Most of the designs in the computerized embroidery machines are meant for 40 wt.

Embroidery is an art and you need among others, the best embroidery threads to bring out the killer designs you long for or those you imagine. Choosing suitable machine embroidery thread is a skill you should learn. In summary, remember the machine you are going to use to embroider and the designs you want on your fabric. The size of the patterns is also a factor. Choosing the wrong threads can be quite a disappointment because you don’t get what you want and sometimes, they may not even fit into your machine. Be wise and artistic and you will enjoy your stitching.