Janhvi Kapoor Has 1 Tsp Ghee Every Morning, Here's Why You Should Too

Janhvi Kapoor Has 1 Tsp Ghee Every Morning, Here's Why You Should Too

Celebrities look flawless off-duty too and leave us all wondering what is the secret to their clear and glowing skin. While some of them follow extensive skincare routines to maintain that beauty, others like to get the glow from within by having just the right diet. Do you know many Bollywood divas follow a morning routine to maintain their health? During one of her recent interactions with an entertainment portal, Janhvi Kapoor shared that she consumes one teaspoon of ghee every morning. If you follow Kapoor closely, you know that she looks just perfect at all times. Her skin and hair are always on point, no matter what day it is. Also, do you see that glowing skin? She looks spotless, no? Well, it looks like her ghee ritual does all the magic. [photo1]Ghee is a stap

le in Indian kitchens. Ever thought it can do wonders for your health?

Benefits Of Consuming Fats Like Ghee In The Morning

[photo2]Ekta Sood, Nutritionist, Diet Dazzlesaid, "It's always better to consume fat in the morning because it will stabilise your blood sugar levels and curb unhealthy cravings especially for sweets. It also gives you energy, clears out brain fog and keeps your gut healthy and happy."Our expert further said, "There are many forms of consuming fat in the morning. After you consume water, you can have ghee made from grass-fed cows or A2 cows milk."Don't Miss: 5 Non-Cooking Ways To Use GheeGhee is packed with vitamins D, K, E, which make it a nutritional powerhouse. The nutrients benefit your overall body.Ghee is rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids that are great for our heart health. Many studies suggest that a teaspoon of ghee everyday keeps cholesterol levels in control. Ghee also keeps your digestive health in check. It keeps digestive issues like bloating, indigestion and constipation at bay.The fatty acids in ghee help nourish your skin and hair. Eating ghee everyday keeps skin and hair dryness at bay. Consuming ghee in the morning keeps your energy through the day intact. The fatty acids in ghee don't let your energy levels drop. The expert further suggested that one can have virgin coconut oil which has been cold-pressed to minimize nutritional loss, coconut chunks/pieces or soaked nuts in the morning as they are an excellent source of healthful fats.

Caffeine, A Big No-No

Our expert shared that a lot of people like kick-starting their day with a cup of tea or coffee. Having caffeine in the morning makes one feel like having a leaky gut. Many of them even start their day by directly having their breakfast and include a lot of carbohydrates in their first meal. Though consuming carbs in the morning isn't a bad thing but it does increase blood sugar levels and drop quickly too. This leaves everyone feeling hungry too soon. Though ghee is a healthy fat and believed to be beneficial for your health, it is advised that you consult your doctor before making it a part of your daily diet if you are undergoing any health treatment or are under medications.