DIY Tutorials – How To Renew The Clothes

Do it yourself tutorials will introduce to you some tricks to playing on your old clothes in order to give them new look that are hidden by you. You don’t need much time and many to have brand new items. Why not use those following tricks below to give the old clothes a new life?

#1 – Transformation from old T-shirt to cool crop top

You can make a no-sew crop top simply from your own old T-shirt. What you need is an old basic T-shirt which has no embossed pattern or pocket. Then you just have to cut the sleeves and collar off, and cut the body until you have a satisfied length. The advantages of this way are time saving, simplicity and quick.

#2 – Pocket

Adding pocket is an easy way to every kind of clothes: shirt, T-shirt, polo-shirt, crop top, tank top, halter top, etc. Add any pocket you want, as long as its pattern is different from your own clothes. For example: plaid mixes with flower, stripe mixes with polka dots. The easiest way is use a basic shirt with no pattern, because it can mix with any kind.

#3 – Tassels crop top

There are just 2 steps to turn your old T-shirt into a new tassels crop top:

  • Determine the length you want.
  • Cut to have tassels in the rest of the shirt.

Besides, you may add a pocket by lace or flower cloth so it could be more standout.

#4 – Lace inset jeans

If your torn jeans became boring, you should patch it by a piece of lace cloth. The safe choices are white or black lace cloth. However, using pastel lace could help in case you want your jeans be featured.

#5 – Lace trim short

You will need some straight pins, a scissors, and of course, lace trim to have a lace trim short. First, cut a suitable piece of lace trim. Next, turn the shorts inside out and pin the lace trim all the way around the bottom edge of two pair. Last, sew it following the fixed line. A boring short are now much cuter and prettier.

#6 – Ombre clothes

If your white clothes lost its color, or you just get bored with it, let do some change. You will need gloves, hanger, paper and fabric dye (whatever color you like). You need putting on the gloves before doing it to protect your hand from chemicals. Then, spray the fabric dye into a straight line across your white clothes in any part that you want, or you can soak it, too.

You should hang it until dry before wearing.

#7 – Embroidery


Embroidery is an endless creation of decoration by sewing pattern on cloth with thread. With simple pattern like your name, number, flower, you can do hand embroidery. If you have passion on it, you can take embroidery machine into account.

There are many kind of this machine, so you should take advices and search information to find out the best embroidery machine for beginners.

Make sure that you want to change your clothes to stay away from regrets. We hope these clever tricks could do some helps on saving your time and money for brand new items. Enjoy your creation.