How To Come Up With Embroidery Ideas

The embroidery designs used in a fabric are the main determinant of how appealing it will be to clients. Though most embroidery machines come with inbuilt embroidery designs, many people find them monotonous and set out looking for more embroidery ideas. Here is an account of how to get additional embroidery ideas.

#1. Check for embroidery ideas online

Today, technology has made it easy for people to practice with new images, artwork, and even lines. The embroidery ideas are so diverse that you can select images, names letters, or even colors. There more sites running embroidery designs that any other time in the past. It does not matter whether you are new or a professional embroider, you are sure of getting something new online. Here, you can check for free ideas of buying the designs from commercial sites.

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#2. Join the embroidery community

Embroidering enthusiasts have many communities online that center either on different machines, commercial embroidery websites, or even issues. Here, professionals and even newbies join to share and discuss different designs. Besides, they also showcase personally created designs that rock in the market or are amazing for home fabrics. Whether you want to capture a new design or want an idea to enhance the current embroidery ideas, this is a great starting point.


#3. Get the latest embroidery design software

When embroidery machines designers release machines to the market, they appreciate the fact that people want to get more creative and enjoy every new pattern they make. Therefore, they make models that are easily compatible with latest embroidery software in the market. You can, therefore, look for the latest software in the market to design embroidery designs right in the screen of your computer before transferring them to the machine. Practice with letters, patterns, colors and even lines to get unique designs personalized for your home or market.

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#4. Follow your embroidery or software vendors

To win more clients, embroidery machines, and embroidery font vendors employ top designers to continuously come up with new embroidery ideas. Some even take their designers for additional training if only to guarantee clients better ideas. To have access to these amazing ideas, visit such sellers’ websites and signup to their newsletters. You are sure of getting amazing ideas right in your inbox.

#5. Creating own embroidery designs

While getting the embroidery online and clubs is amazing, some people still lack personalized attachment to them and, therefore, want a DIY model. To come up with a personal embroidery design is relatively simple and all that one requires is a little creativity. For personal designs, here is s short procedure to follow.

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  • Draw and capture your pattern on a tracing paper. Make sure it is neat and leave some paper edges to allow holding in position using pins on your fabric.
  • Poke some holes on the traced line by playing with stitches to get a clear picture of how the final product will be.
  • Center the image on the piece of fabric and pin
  • Stitch the image without minding to pierce the tracing paper. Many people prefer using backstitches.
  • Tie off and tear the tracing paper carefully. Consider keeping the fingers well pressed on the stitches as the perforated edges get ripped off.
  • You are done! The piece is now ready to get sewn into the main project or even use as art. With DIY, there is no limitation on embroidery ideas, you only need to get as creative as possible.


When you set out looking for amazing embroidery ideas, the sources are many and all you need to do is narrow down to personal preferences. Whether you are getting the ideas online of using a DIY technique, the bottom line is getting as creative as possible. Use any of the above tips to be sure of getting the best ideas for your project.