How To Choose Thread For Embroidery Machine

When you overcome difficulties in choosing an embroidery machine, you feel that you are lucky to select a good one that is not enough. Besides, how to choose proper thread is fairly important since it affects to quality as well as productivity. Although the thread is small and weak, it can make a project successful and vice versa.If the thread is too wide or coarse, the fabric can be torn or split .There are a variety of color, fibers, weights and types and I sure that you are wondering what should you get? How much do you need? What type is the best? Here are some tips for you to get started it.

#1 – Type of embroidery machine


You should identify what kind of embroidery machine that you own. This step is very important because some type of complex embroidery machines require the proper thread in order to products from decorative as well as practical sewing techniques. However, other types are straightforward, for example, simple cotton or rayon thread. The best advice for you is to find proper machine to choose the best thread.

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#2 – Type of embroidery thread


The threads are made from variety materials such as cotton, nylon, silk, wool. There are some typical threads for complex embroidery machine like bobbin threads for machine sewing, the designer thread which is a mixed thread by combining different type of threads. Therefore, you had better consider what the type of sewing you need based on the machine you own to choose the best machine embroidery thread.

#3 – Quality of the thread

Understanding the properties of the thread is very important as it helps you decide the usefulness and desirability of using it for typical fabrics.

#4 – Right color

After choosing the suitable type as well as the strength of thread, you should match its color. Your clothes are full of colors and the good ideal is why you don’t purchase entire quantity of thread in color. It seems to be difficult to match the right color with your clothes, so you can choose the color which darker than fabric color to blend in.

#5 – Embroidering instruction

thread-instructionPlease read instruction carefully before you use. This is a sentence which all manufacturers want to users read to avoid unfortunate cases. The instruction provides information what thread it recommends to make sure that you complete your project the best. As a beginner, it is a good ideal for you to follow the instruction because it cannot match the color with fabric exactly. Once having more experience, you can make thread substitutes with full understanding.

#6 – Tips

You should buy thread at the reputable brand that is likely to have the high-quality thread and avoid old ones because if you use old threads which are dusty or are store in a hot and dry warehouse, it will be more susceptible to breaking or shredding. Secondly, buying a collection of popular color is cheaper than buying the thread as need. Bargain price is not good for you when you want to have a good thread so avoid buying bargain basement thread.