How To choose A Best Embroidery Machine? -Tips For Beginners

For who beginner with embroidery, choosing an embroidery machine is the critical step, but not really easy. So, you still consider and not sure what machine to buy? This article will help you with some tips to choose and buy the right machine for the first time.

Here are some questions you should find the answer to choose your first embroidery machine.

1. The brand, which one is the best?

Now in the market, there are many famous name brands of embroidery machine that make you consider to purchase. How can I pick the right one that is suited for my needs and budget? This is a common question. Check my blog to figure out consumer.

best embroidery machine reviews

Best embroidery machine reviews

2. Your purposes when buys this machine

Is it for personal use or for business use? A commercial embroidery machine, which is assembled particularly for a large number of product and persistent hours of operation, will be the best choose for business embroidery.

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3. The requirements that you want the machine to have?

Certain capacities are fundamental to your individual sewing needs, similar to bobbin twisting from the needle, needle threader, automatic string cutting, pressure sensor. etc

4. The throat width?

The measure of space between the needle and machine body gives you more space to move around, permits utilization of bigger hoops and is perfect for machine stitching of any sort.

5. A sewing machine and also embroidery?

It is likewise an economical way to purchase a sewing machine which can be an embroidery machine also.

Here is some best embroidery machine 2015 and middle 2016 in the market, you can read our reviews and choose one of them.

6. Hoop sizes?


Hoops for embroidery machines

Range from 100 x 100 to 360 x 350… If your biggest hoop size is 100 x 100, it restricts the measure of in the loop embroidery outlines or tasks that can be stiched.

7. Add-on accessories?

Discover additional items you can add on later.

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8. Embroidery designs built in?

Embroidery machine with accessories

Embroidery machine with accessories

Some embroidery machines just have design incorporated with the memory. To access more stitch and design files, it must be connected to a computer or load from outer drive.

9. The portal type to transfer and access designs?

Is it a USB portal or which one?

10. The digitizing program specifically for the machine?

To run the entire extent, you might need to digitize, modify and make your own design. There are some digitizing programs that can be brand specific or compatible with other brands.

11. The owner’s class? Refresher classes or technique classes.

12. Warranty and service?

Dealers, on site or under contract, have trained technicians which save time and worry when your embroidery machine needs to be cleaned or overhauled. Else, you would send it off to the producer for repair which is convenient, costly, and hazardous.


Follow these steps, answers as much as these questions. I hope you can choose the best embroidery machine for your need. Good luck!