Some Experiences Before Buying A Sewing Machine For Home

Over the past few years, with the popularity of handmade products, more and more women want to own a household sewing machine. On Forums, Websites, it is easy to find sewing models and beautiful and professional products made and shared. To keep up with this trend, you should try choosing a household sewing machine which can meet your family’s demand and your creativity.

#1-Things to know about sewing machine

A home sewing machine is designed simply and movably to use at home. There are many types of a sewing machine which offer various functions that fit your need.

–>Some suggestions for home sewing machine

#2-Benefits from home sewing machine

#2.1-Small, convenience and multiple functions

The biggest advantage of this machine is a small design which is only 30-centimeter long and from 1 to 5 kilograms. So you can bring it to anywhere and put it at the most comfortable place to work. Although it is small, it has enough functions like an industrial sewing machine, just lower capacity. Besides, engineers simplified and arranged parts suitably, and so you can be easy to use it although you are a beginner.

It looks so small

It looks so small and easy to bring everywhere

#2.2-Save your money

An industrial sewing machine is good, but you have to pay a lot of money. For a family using purpose or your hobby, a mini one is a perfect option and you can save an amount of money to buy because it suitable with income of many families. In addition, you can use it to repair and make nice and cheap clothes by yourself.

#3-How about a machine that can both sew and embroider?

Producers understand consumers’ demand, they offer many options: A sewing machine, an embroidery machine and a sewing-embroidery machine that can both sew and embroider. If you want to decorate your clothes after sewing, a sewing-embroidery machine is a good choice.

#4-I’m a beginner, where should I start?

Read instruction from producers carefully before start

Learn from the books teaching how to sew for beginners. Besides, you can learn from experience through internet, forums, blogs where you can also get solutions for your troubles when working with sewing machine, and there are some famous blogs below:….

One more thing: Be confident and make mistakes! And then you can do

#5-Is there any notes?

Of course, there is.


There are hundreds of types of the sewing machine and tens of producers, so choosing a suitable one is not easy. Don’t worry. There are some tips for you below.

How about a new one or a second-hand one? Purchasing an old one depends on your luck, if you buy a good one, it is ok. But if you buy a bad one that is often out of work, you cannot repair and get any guaranty. And so, if you are beginners, you should buy a new one.