Here's Every Must-See Commercial From Super Bowl 2023

Here's Every Must-See Commercial From Super Bowl 2023
Feb 2023

It doesn't matter if the Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles took home the Super Bowl championship because these star-studded ads won big.

The Super Bowl may be over, but savoring the commercials has just begun.

This year's spots were jam-packed with our favorite celebs. Take, for instance, T-Mobile's ad, which featured Scrubs besties<strong> Zach Braff and Donald Faison, as well as John Travolta. In the 60-second clip, the trio showcased their singing chops as they delivered an unforgettable parody of Grease.

Elsewhere, Pete Davidson, Jon Hamm and Brie Larson united for Hellmann's Mayonnaise while The White Lotus' Jennifer Coolidge starred in an ad for e.l.f. Cosmetics, where she channels...a baby dolphin. ICYMI, that's her dream gig.


Speaking of dreams, Alicia Silverstone reprised her iconic role as Clueless' Cher Horowitz alongside co-star Elisa Donovan (a.k.a. frenemy Amber) for Rakuten.

Throughout filming, "I was going, 'This is terrible. It's not working at all,' because that's what was happening in my mind," Silverstone exclusively told E! News. "But, then, when I saw it, I went, 'Oh. It's adorable.'"(And yes, her update on a Clueless reboot will have you totally buggin'!)

Plus, Missy Elliott had an epic collab with Jack Harlow for Doritos. And now, they're thinking of joining forces for more than just chips.

"We most definitely are going to do something together, for sure," she teased to E! News. "It was amazing working with Jack. He's such a sweet person."

So, while the Kansas City Chiefs walked away as champions on Sunday, one thing is for sure: These commercials have won big time.

Keep reading to see all the ads that are a total touchdown...

The couple remind fans that knowing your person's McDonald's order is a true sign of love. Watch the ad here.

This mother-son duo tries their best to film their first Super Bowl commercial together. What comes next is laughs, shade and a whole lot of love. Watch the ad here.

An American icon moves into the neighborhood and joins the gang in song to spread the word about T-Mobile Home Internet. Watch the ad here.

Squarespace's ad opens with the actor unable to wrap his mind around the fact that Squarespace is a website that makes websites. As he follows that line of thinking down the rabbit hole, things get more absurd as reality itself begins to unravel. Watch the ad here.

The White Lotus star has a bad case of the Sunday Stickies! Gather your Baby Dolphin energy and keep your eyes on the TV for this LOL-worthy commercial. Watch the teaser now.

BIC is welcoming a country legend to their "most borrowed lighter" EZ Reach Lighter ad campaign. Watch the ad here.

During the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 2023, watch out for Snoop (and his famous friends) as he rides high, chills, clips, coaches and heads to the Oval Office in Skechers Hands Free Slip-ins. Watch the ad here.

Both actors star in separate ads for Pepsi Zero Sugar's new campaign, which pokes fun at the traditional transactional relationship between advertisers and celebrities, which is never more present than during the Super Bowl. Watch the ads here and here.

The pop singer is bound to make you look in her first Big Game ad debut. The Pringles spot showcases a glimpse of individuals who are the best at what they do who get their hand stuck in a Pringles can and continue to thrive. Watch the ad here.

Dexcom, which describes itself as the global leader in diabetes technology, unveiled the company's Super Bowl 2023 commercial starring a Jonas Brothers member. Watch the ad here.

For Super Bowl 2023, Mr. Peanut is about to be roasted by the legend of insult comedy. Watch the ad here.

Hollywood's it-couple encourages fans to "choose enjoyment" as they crack open a Bud Light and break out into dance. Watch the ad here.

The actress treats herself to a well-deserved vacation, complete with an in-room foot massage and an unspeakably large ham fit for a comedy queen in paradise. Watch the ad here.

The tennis champion returns to the beer brand's campaign for the third year and is joined by the Succession star on the golf course for a Caddyshack-inspired battle. Watch the ad here.

Prepare for the actress to reprise the iconic role of Cher Horowitz from the 1995 classic hit movie Clueless, with a 2023 twist. Watch the ad here.

The award-winning actors find themselves inside a refrigerator, leaving viewers wondering what they're doing there. For now, Hellmann's warning is "Make Taste, Not Waste." Watch the ad here.

The beer brewed for the great outdoors teams up with the "Angels" singer to highlight the thrill of adventure. Watch the ad here.

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