Guaynaa reveals why his wedding with Lele Pons was almost canceled

Guaynaa reveals why his wedding with Lele Pons was almost canceled
Mar 2023

Lele Pons and Guaynaa celebrated their wedding over the past month. The union was incredibly hyped up, with the couple releasing their first record together and sharing plenty of photos and updates of their luxurious party, which was attended by some of the leading celebrities in the industry.
In a new interview, Guaynaa has revealed that the day before the wedding was incredibly stressful, and that he considered canceling or postponing it.
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In an appearance on the celebrity show "El Gordo y La Flaca," Guaynaa and Pons talked about their wedding and their honey moon. They also talked about Guaynaa's health and how it almost caused them to cancel the wedding. "I was in Mexico. I ate something and I made it one day before the wedding," he said in Spanish. He revealed that he spent most of the evening vomiting and had to call a doctor.
Despite all the planning that had gone into the event, Pons made it clear that Guaynaa's health came first, and that if the wedding had to be postponed then it would be. "The doctor came and said that he'd eaten something horrible and Guaynaa said 'Baby, what happens if we don't get married tomorrow?' We won't get married and that's it, health comes first. He really felt terrible," shared Pons.
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Guaynaa's health improved dramatically when the doctor administered some IV fluids. While he still felt a bit off at the start of his wedding day, he made a full recovery within a few hours, feeling great and being able to enjoy his day to the fullest.
Over the past few weeks, Guaynaa and Lele Pons have been enjoying their honeymoon, which they're spending in Dubai. The couple has shared photos of their adventures, which include enjoying the stunning views of the desert, swimming in the world's deepest pool, and enjoying plenty of delicious meals together.