Dos And Don'ts Of Washing Your Hair

Dos And Don'ts Of Washing Your Hair
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Jan 2023

Do: Wash your hair at least twice a week, to prevent oil and product buildup.
Don't: Let your hair get so dirty that you must wash it two or three times just to get the shampoo to lather up. This can strip too much of the natural oils needed to keep hair healthy and soft.
Do: Use gentle but effective shampoos. Which contains an active ingredient called selenium sulphide that works through the oil buildup on your scalp to help prevent dandruff, without drying out your hair.
Don't: Use shampoo more than twice per week, or you'll strip away too much natural oil that keeps hair soft and healthy. Shampoos contain harsh cleansers like sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) that can leave hair dry if used too often.
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Do: If you have greasy hair choose a conditioner that's specifically formulated for oily or greasy hair. This will help balance out the extra oil your scalp produces, so you don't have to wash as often.
Don't: Leave conditioner in your hair for more than 5 minutes. The longer it sits on your head, the more moisture it will take from your hair and leave it dry.
Do: Wash your hair with cold water as using a warm-water rinse can also cause excessive drying.
Don't: Let shampoo sit in your hair for more than 5 minutes at a time. This will cause it to get dry and frizzy.
Do: Use conditioner on the ends of your hair when washing your hair. The rest of your hair is likely producing extra oil, so this helps keep the length healthy.
Don't: Condition only the top half of your head. It's not necessary and will make your hair oily faster.
Do: Use a hair mask and a serum before and after washing your hair twice a week.
Don't: Wash your hair every day, even if it feels dirty. Your scalp produces oil to keep hair healthy and soft. Using harsh shampoos everyday will strip away this natural oil and leave your hair dry.
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Do: Use a clarifying shampoo about once per month, to help remove product buildup from styling products like mousse or gel that can cause permanent damage to your hair over time.
Don't: Use a clarifying shampoo more than once per month. This will strip away too much natural oil, leaving your scalp dry and making your hair brittle and easily breakable.
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