David Arquette Admits It Was 'Difficult' Dealing with Ex-Wife Courteney Cox's 'Friends' Fame

David Arquette Admits It Was 'Difficult' Dealing with Ex-Wife Courteney Cox's 'Friends' Fame
Courteney Cox
Apr 2023

David Arquette is looking back at his marriage to Courteney Cox.

More than a decade after their split, the 51-year-old Scream actor appeared on Sirius XM's Andy Cohen Live earlier this week where host Andy Cohen asked if he felt inferior to the 58-year-old actress "based on how successful" Friends was when they were together.

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"Yeah, absolutely. It's difficult," David admitted. "I have some of the traditional male things where I want to like, you know, provide and pick up the check and, you know, be the breadwinner."

"In the acting world, in general, you're always going on this roller coaster of popularity and not able to get a job," David continued. "So it's like this weird thing. And then, when you're comparing yourself to someone who's at the top of the television iconic world, it's kind of hard to put yourself there."

David then said he and Courteney "definitely" were "learning and dealing with that" during their time together, adding, that there was still "a lot of pain and arguments" as well as "ego" early on.

"A lot of it has to do with the way you're taking things, the way you're saying things, the way you're responding to things, the way you're allowing other, sort of, outside influences affect how you feel about yourself," David explained about how they navigated through the situation.

"I think building confidence or just focusing on yourself, like working out some of the pain and trauma that I had so that I could open up and own sort of what makes me happy, what my needs are, where my boundaries are," David added.

David and Courteney married in 1999 and welcomed their daughter Coco in 2004. In 2010, they announced that they were separating before officially filing for divorce in 2012. Their divorce was finalized in 2013.

David also praised the way he and Courteney handled their breakup.

"But we had a really great thing at the end," David said. "I just think a lot of people end up when relationships end and lawyers get involved, they really sort of battle a lot of the time and they end up really fighting and spending a lot of money to lawyers where they should be sort of splitting with each other. I just encourage people to truly try to work it out."

David has been married to wife Christina McLarty since 2015 and they share sons Augustus, 6, and Charlie, 9. Courteney has been in a relationship with Johnny McDaid since 2013.

In an interview from last year, Courteney revealed if Coco plans on getting into acting.