Cheap Embroidery Machine, Should I Buy It?

You are not sure about what machine to buy? Cheap or Expensive, what is the different? Don’t worry, you are not the only one who still consider it.

Firstly, if you are beginner, you do not need a complicated machine to start with. And also, you don’t want to spend much for an expensive embroidery machine, a cheap model is good for you. This model with less functionality than expensive one, just some function to decorate and stitch your fabric. For example: Brother PE770 5×7 Inch Embroidery-Only Machine… with a considerable price could be a choice for this type of machine. So, it’s just fine to buy a cheap embroidery if you are a beginners.


Secondly, we will not talk about those who are expert, they all know about the difference between these types and among many models. And they also know which one to buy for their work and their business.

Finally, come back to those who are beginner to embroidery. We will give you some reason why you should choose a best embroidery for yourself. Is it worth to invest an expensive embroidery machine?

A cheap embroidery is good, why we need a more expensive one, a sewing machine is a sewing machine, right? No, it’s wrong! When you have a chance to spend a time with a cheap and an expensive/modern embroidery machine, you will know why. The 2 main differences between these two types are: 1) Automatic function and; 2) Ability to Customize.



A more expensive machine is more automatic than the cheaper one and also, the final product is better looking. With an old, cheap embroidery machine, you have to do almost manually, and it’s hard to make your product look good. With an expensive one, premium for example, everything almost automatically, you do not even measure a thing, just have a design then put the button. A lot of things are also automated like auto locking stitches… So it is good.

Sewing/embroidery is also full of many different situations. The same stitches and settings which work great on knit fabric but are terrible for cotton fabric, and the same method for hemming a circle skirt doesn’t work so well for a gathered skirt… Therefore, the ability to customize how machine sews is very important. With a premium machine, you can change and customize many parts of the machine to sew/embroidery: stitch length/width; pressure; tension,… That is very helpful, right?

Bottom line

So, come back to the question: Is it worth to buy an expensive embroidery machine?

Well, this answer will depend on many aspects. If you are just the beginner to embroider and you sure you love it? A cheap machine like Brother or Janome, without a huge investment, it could help you to start your embroidery project.

But, if you have been sewing for a while and also have the fund, a premium one, why not? You can save a lot of time, do it with better looking. And also, you can do more complicated work with a premium product, and have more income. Consider it and tell us your ideas!