Brother HE-1 Computerized Embroidery Machine Reviews

If you are a sewer and you want to go a step further and make your embroidery a thing to be envied, then the Brother Company has made a machine that will just do that, make your embroidery game go a notch higher.


Brother HE-1 computerized embroidery machine

<em><strong>Brother HE-1 computerized embroidery machine</strong></em>

The Brother HE-1 computerized embroidery machine is made for everyone, whether you are a sewing fan who enjoys making things for your loved ones, for those who sew to make extra cash on the side, for those who make a living out of sewing and embroidering garments and as a gifting option to a person you know that loves to sew and embroider.

This machine is affordable and easy to use thanks to the user directions printed on the machine.

About The Embroidery Machine

This machine is an embroidery only kind of machine. It does not sew or do anything else apart from embroidering. As mentioned earlier, it is great for all types of users but also magnificent for beginners who might go through first time embroidery jitters.

One is able to see designs on the LCD touch screen that is on the machine. The LCD screen makes it easy to access the built in embroidery patterns, the over 120 frame designs available and five fonts. Not only that, but the machine also gives you the option of loading over a thousand designs on the machine for use.

Although it is quite affordable, it has features that can only be found on other machines that are expensive. Features such as high quality stitching, automatic needle threader and integrated tutorials that are easy to see on the LCD screen make it the one embroidery machine for all sewers.

How It Performs

This machine is one of a kind as it is easy to use and learn making it quite accessible to beginners. They are able to immediately start decorating clothes and other items as soon as they have learned the ropes of the machine.

The machine has a 4”x4” embroidery area which gives the sewer sufficient space to apply many projects. The back lit touch screen display that is easy to view allows one to have very easy access to the 70 built in embroidery designs, 5 lettering fonts and 120 frame pattern combinations available in the machine.

thread for embroidery machines

Better yet, the Brother HE-1 Computerized embroidery machine has computer connectivity. This feature allows a user to easily import over a thousand embroidery designs which are made available in a site called and other sites which can be purchased.

Its Features

  • This machine has 4”x4” embroidery area which makes easy work of decorating clothes and other things.
  • It prides itself in its 5 lettering font style, 70 integrated designs and over 120 frame patters.
  • The machine can connect to the computer by using a USB cable which allows the user to update their machine and to import designs purchased on sites like
  • It comes with a manual that is made available in Spanish and English.
  • The machine has a warranty of 25 years and the company also provides customer and technical support.
  • It comes with accessories such as extra bobbins, embroidery bobbin strand, embroidery hoop and much more accessories.
  • The machine has a backlit LCD touch screen display which makes accessing it very easy.
  • The automatic needle threader makes it easy to thread.

What Customers Say About It

Many people who have bought and used this machine have given very positive feedback on the machine. Some of the pros and cons they gave on the machine are:


  • Many said that it was easy to use with its advanced options
  • Many were satisfied with the high quality stitches produced by the machine
  • Many were happy with the USB connectivity feature which made it easy to import designs.


  • The lack of auto punching and editing options in the machine
  • If one does not know computers, it will be difficult for them to use the machine

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All in all, many people were happy with this machine. One user said that the machine was made to make it simple to use and that the 4”x4” space provided was ample space to produce magnificent embroidery designs on clothes.

Another user who is a beginner stressed that it was wonderful using the machine as it made it easy for those who are just starting out. Another user was happy that the machine was compatible with their computer, especially their Mac computer meaning they did not have to purchase a new computer for that. The user also pointed out that they were able to purchase designs and transfer them to the machine with ease.

A sewer who is a diehard user of Brother Machines purchased his HE-1 and was impressed with the fact that it came with all its accessories intact and was able to unpack the machine and have it operating within 15 minutes. The user was also happy with the fact they could use the machine on different fabrics without there being a problem.


This machine is the best embroidery machine out there that will make your embroidery wishes come to a reality. It is easy to use and has all the features that make it a breeze for a user to be productive. In a day and time when a lot of things (read machinery) are operated and controlled by computers, one should strive to at least learn the basics of computer.

Putting into consideration what other users say, the price of the machine and how it is easy to use, this machine is a purchase that will not disappoint. Beginners and skilled sewers alike will enjoy the ease at which this machine works. Its features are easy to understand and follow making this machine a fun and productive way of producing out of this world embroidery on different fabrics.