Seven Places You Can Find Joy

Ah! The "if onlys" of our lives! If only we had more time for the kids... if only we got more sleep... if only we had the energy to exercise... And then, the list of "I wish-es"... at some point in li...

Jan 2023

3 Bedtime Tips to Improve Sleep

You likely already know that a good night's sleep is key to your health and well-being. But if you're struggling to catch your Z's, just how much extra sleep do you need to improve your health? Accord...

Oct 2022

Manikya Bhasma

Manikya Bhasma
Reference: Rasatantra Sara
Manikya Bhasma is made from certain purified elements to cure Impotency, cardiac disorders, Oligospermia. Being digestive in nature, it ...

Apr 2019

yoga for your dosha

your dosha
Ayurveda looks at everything we do as either taking us toward or away from balance. It only makes sense that your yoga practice be in alignment with what you actually need o...

Dec 2018

Health at Every Age

All of life flows like the seasons, a perpetual cycle where what is normal (healthy) today flows into what is normal (healthy) for tomorrow. Health is not a static way of being, but a dynamic flowing ...

Jun 2017