Beyoncé's 'Renaissance World Tour' Causes Google Searches to Spike For These Fashion Terms

Beyoncé's 'Renaissance World Tour' Causes Google Searches to Spike For These Fashion Terms
Beyonce Knowles
May 2023

Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour is already making an impact.

The massive trek, which formally kicked off last week in Sweden, is a 3-hour spectacle of choreography, robots, disco balls, dancers and elaborate visuals. And, of course, incredible costumes.

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for various fashion terms exploded worldwide immediately following the first night of the tour.

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According to Nasty Gal, online interest in "metallic cowboy boots" skyrocketed 488% after the first night of tour, as well as Google searches for "silver cowboy boots," which have risen 300% worldwide, as well as searches for "disco cowboy hat," which are up 525% too - all of which correspond to Renaissance World Tour looks.

"Silver bodysuit" and "silver corset" have also risen 426% and 669%, respectively, since the first night of the tour, as well as "thigh-high boots," which have increased 203%, likely inspired by Beyonce's GEDEBE white thigh-high boots worn on stage on tour.

"Google searches for the term 'Renaissance tour outfits' have increased by 658% in the past seven days, suggesting that the first night of the tour has urged fans to look for outfit inspiration that reflects the Renaissance album's futuristic-cowboy aesthetic," a spokesperson for Nasty Gal said in a statement.

"These increases in searches tell us exactly what everyone is wearing to the tour, with many fans wanting to emulate Beyonce's iconic and daring style, so expect to see plenty of chromatic cowboy boots, head-to-toe silver, and disco-embellished cowboy hats on your tour date."

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