Best Sewing Machine For Kids – Voted By Children And Their Mom!

The art of sewing traces its popularity to the olden days.  The art, however, lost its fame through the years perhaps because people became more engrossed in the busy schedules of work and businesses. Parents now opted to take their children for longer hours in school so they may have ample time to tend to their careers and work.

In the recent times, however, more parents have come to the realization of the invaluable ideals and the health benefits a kid grasps from the skill. More parents are therefore buying Sewing machines for kids as never before.  Although there has been no consensus on the ideal age to start sewing kids for children, at age 8- 12 children’s’ brain is mature enough to understand the art of sewing.

#1 – Benefits Of Teaching Kids Sewing

The benefits of teaching a kid sewing at the earliest opportunity are enormous. The benefits are physical, mental and even emotional. Physically, a sewing machine for kids builds on their fingers’ dexterity. This benefit happens at the toes and fingers as the child moves the paddle up and down. Moreover, sewing imparts better hand-eye skill coordination. Teaching kids Sewing also triggers the power of imagination that is intrinsic in all human beings. Through sewing, a child learns to create patterns and different designs based on what they see in the environment or simply imagine. Also, sewing machine for kids helps build on the creativity of a child. In the current times of recessions and less white collar jobs, the ability to create is priceless. More so, since sewing is an art, it offers the child the perfect platform to express their mind, emotions, and perceptions. This factor is relieving, and you are likely to notice an eva-jovial child.

Sewing makes child happy!

Sewing makes our child happy!

A parent can also use this platform to read into the child’s talent. Just like lithography can tell of a person’s character, sewing can help a parent know where exactly a child is good at. For instance, a kid who can come up with unique designs should be nurtured in the artistic fields. On the other hand, a kid who naturally follows the patterns provided without alterations is best in the formal sector. Related post: How to choose suitable sewing table for our machine? Mentally, sewing machine for kids enhances a child’s brain development because their brain is actively involved in doing mental doodling. Furthermore, children are in their nature, inquisitive. Inquisition is a mental process, and sewing creates the perfect opportunity for a child’s brain to be occupied with questions and personal dialogue. Kids will find themselves wondering what makes the sewing machine for kids. Such questions keep the mind always working and cause faster brain development. Undoubtedly, purchasing a sewing machine for your kid teaches a child to be keen on instructions and follow any given instructions.  Following of instructions is indeed a life skill that even adults have missed on. For instance, they learn that before they can make the first fabric cut, they have to have come up with the pattern of the design they wish to sew.

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On the emotional front, sewing teaches patience. As the kid cuts through the fabric, the child learns that every cut must be carefully done and that a stitch is done one at a time. More patience is even required when creating patterns and following them through to the finish.  Sewing also teaches perseverance. Once the child has completed on a project, they are joyful and feel proud. This benefit enhances their self- confidence and esteem because they realize that they are winners.  It also teaches them the aspect of independence. Once a pattern goes wrong, they learn that it is their mistake and they alone are responsible for rectifying it. Children have the tendency of being dependent even on small matters; it is a parent’s joy to have a kid who can complete tasks with minimal assistance and is self- reliant. Finally, exposing a child to the sewing machine for kids teaches the child motoring skills at an early stage. Technically mechanical skills are just like sewing skills. More so, sewing is fun, and as they say, a smile is good for the heart and even the skin.

#2 – Top 3 Sewing Machines Recommended For Kids

Currently, unlike in traditional times when children had to use sewing machines meant for adults, there are sewing machines for kids. Our top three recommended sewing machines are;


Brother XL2600I Sew Advance

Brother XL2600I Sew Advance
The ease of usage coupled with the ability to deliver excellent learning and fun experience for your child are some of the factors that define the ideal sewing machine for kids. Bobbins slots are a major challenge in kids’ sewing machines. To rectify this conception, Brother XL2600I Sew Advance has an automatic winding drop-in bobbin making it simple to load bobbins. More so the model features several stitch options, therefore, exposing the kid to several creative options. Specifically speaking, the Brother XL2600I Sew Advance has 25 different stitch types. This feature makes it an ideal machine for the kid to grow into. Kids grow fast, and therefore you need a machine that will be relevant to your kid for longer, not simply which will be too simple for the kid few months or a year. Selection of any of the stitch options is easy with the machine’s dial feature.

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine
To ensure your child’s learning experience more fun, the sewing machine has a tension- control setting. Other features include a free-arm design and snap-on presser feet. The Janome sewing machine for kids is not only appealing but exposes your child to up to 12 stitch types. 12 stitch types are well above the number of stitch options what a sewing machine for beginners should contain which are 5-6 stitch options. The flop in this model is however that it does not have a finger guard. Moreover, the sewing machine is only available in the US only.

SINGER 1507WC Easy-To-Use Free-Arm Sewing Machine With Canvas Cover

SINGER 1507WC Easy-To-Use Free-Arm Sewing Machine With Canvas Cover
The last in our Top 3 recommended sewing machines for kids is SINGER 1507WC Easy-to-Use Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Canvas Cover. Foremost, the sewing machine is manufactured by Singer, one of the most reputable brands in the manufacture of sewing machines and its accessories. Also, the model offers 8 stitch options to choose from. More so, Selecting the stitches is simplified by the adjustable stitch length and zigzag width. This allows simplified customization of stitches The singer sewing machine for kids is also designed with the Four snap-on presser feet that expand the sewing possibilities for your kid.  Threading the machine or winding a bobbin is remarkably made easy. Noteworthy, the sewing machine comes with many tools and attachments that a kid can use as they advance in age.  This is an assurance that the sewing machine will remain relevant for your child’s use for a longer time.

#3 – Conclusion

Any parent in the modern era must make it a goal to expose their children to the world of art. It is my considered view that they should not be in the classrooms from 8 am to 5 pm but rather, the kids should be exposed to gadgets such as sewing machine for kids.  Moreover, there are several institutions and private persons offering sewing lessons for kids. If you are skilled in sewing, you should consider sparing some time to teach your child this life- long skill. For better practice, purchase a sewing machine for your kid so they may go over their learned lessons for more hours. The golden rule before purchasing kids sewing machine is to ensure that it is not only a gadget to add to their vast selection of toys, but most importantly, it will be a tool for learning. To guide you in selecting the right sewing machine for your child, have regard to their age and understand what they can grasp at that age.