Best Embroidery Scissors – Expert’s Experience

Small, razor sharp, and top quality embroidery scissors are the best friend to any embroider. They make work easy, fun, and encourage one to continue working on the task at hand is completed. As an expert, a perfect cut from the center to the edges gives an impression that the end results will be perfect and amazing. Here is everything you need to know about embroidery scissors from an expert’s experience so that you can get the best and enjoy your tasks.
While many advances have been achieved over time in designing and using sewing and embroidery scissors, you need more for demanding cutting requirements and comfort. The names of different brands vary very much, a consideration that makes selecting the right pair more difficult.

#1. Make sure to invest into quality embroidery scissors

While many scissors in the market are marked top quality, this is not always the case. Here, the guide should not be price because many are the models offered at cheap rates but are of very poor quality. Take time to read through reviews to identify the models that have won the hearts of users and have top ratings. The scissors should guarantee you top service for a very long time. Always remember that no one should struggle to cut through any piece of fabric.

#2. Ensure you have a set of under trimmers, embroidery nippers, and easy cut scissors.

This set is crucial because cutting needs when sewing or embroidering vary depending on the nature of work. The under trimmer is useful when you need to snip threads that are difficult to reach the throat plate of your machine. On the other hand, the nippers are very crucial when you need to trim the fabric away from the automatic appliqué types of embroidery. The easy cut model completes the kit because it is easy to use for every cutting task.

#3. Get scissors from top brand in the market

One assurance of getting the best embroidery scissors is by selecting from the top brands in the market today. While it is no doubt that even new companies can make great models, you cannot have the guarantee. However, with top brands that have been on the market for long, clients have used their scissors and reported their effectiveness in feedback and reviews.

Best Embroidery Scissors Brands

#1 – Fiskars

Fiskars offers a wide range of scissors from very costly to relatively cheap types. Their scissors are known to surpass sewing, embroidery, and even quilting.

#2 – Gingher

Gingher is known for designing perfect embroidery scissors and other cutting tools. Unlike Fiskars that focuses on style when designing its cutting tools, Gingher focus is specifically on embroidery and sewing.

#3 – Kai

Kai focuses on scissors designed for embroidery and quilting. Their products are designed for vanadium and stainless steel which makes them longer and of top quality.

Best embroidery scissors for your work

best embroidery-scissors


Straight tip: This is one of the commonest scissors in any embroidery workshop. It is designed with slender blades and has very fine points to help you cut very close to the fabric.

Curved tip embroidery scissors: The curved tip model is designed with slender blades that help to cut upwards. The points are fine so that one can cut very close to the fabric and stabilize while still working in the hoop. They are available in varying thicknesses for clients to select what is more ideal for them.

Double curved embroidery scissors: This type is considered perfect when you need to cut over hoops and you to not have any visible obstructions. The cut from this scissors is flush.

Double-curved spring action model: This model is just like the double curved embroidery scissors in many respects except for the handle. Unlike the curved model, the handle has a spring hat makes the scissors open and close effortless.

Micro-tip curved scissors: This pair works with the curved design; however, it provides a narrower and an additionally fine blade.

Hook-blade scissors: The Hook-blade type is designed for cutting very close to the embroidery and under one stitch. Besides, they are also ideal for clipping stitches on the reverse side. However, remember that every cut can only be done one stitch at a moment.

Bent handle scissors: These embroidery scissors features a straight blade that runs parallel to your embroidery work. However, its handle is raised a little so that it is always above your work.

Appliqué scissors: This type is commonly referred as the duck scissors. The bill of the scissors helps to raise the fabric so that you can get a close trim without having to cut your fabric. They are available in regular model or spring loaded.

Swivel handle embroidery scissors: The swivel type helps with nipping and cutting a comfortable position to prevent stress and pain in your joints.

Steeple Tip curved scissors: This pair gives the user a blunt tip that has a sharp blade to reach and cut under the stitches without damaging the fabric.


The scissor you select will determine ease of work, define results, and fun when working on any project. Take time to understand the nature of your work and get the best embroidery scissors that are perfectly designed for it. Review different brands, types of scissors and read through past users feedbacks to be sure of getting the best and highest value for money.


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