Beauty Tips 101 For The Dry Skin Girl

Beauty Tips 101 For The Dry Skin Girl
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Mar 2023

Are you looking for tips to tackle dry skin in the changing season? Do you wish to get rid of your patchy, dull, and dry skin caused by the change in seasons? Here's a beauty guide on how to tackle dry skin and lock-in your skin's moisture to avoid dry, chapped knuckles, hands or lips even during transition season. You can opt for these methods instead of getting your hands on expensive store-bought products and show your skin some love.
Beauty Tips 101 For The Dry Skin Girl

The transition season from winter to summer is a challenge for our skin where low temperatures and dry air mean we're more prone to dry, sensitive skin so we are always on the lookout for a beauty guide on how to tackle winter skincare. Your skincare regime should change as we go into the warmer months as even though most of us are looking forward to spring, as soon as the season changes our skin tends to become dry, irritated, flaky and dehydrated.

Here are three quick skincare tips that will help you get over your dry skin woes.

Moisturise To Add Hydration Back To Your Skin

Our skin gets essentially drained of moisture and gets irritated at the turn of seasons. So, if you have dry, chapped knuckles, hands or lips in the cold climate, just moisturise.

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Avoid Taking Extremely Hot Baths

Giving yourself a hot bath this season is the best feeling there is. The bad news is that your skin despises hot water showers. The keratin cells found in the skin's outermost layer are harmed by hot water. Your skin gets dry, irritated, and itchy when these cells are damaged. Hot water also depletes your skin of its natural oils, leaving it even drier than before. Adjusting your showering routine is one of OG recommendations as the season changes.

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Try Using A Humidifier Instead

A humidifier will assist in adding more moisture to the air in your immediate surroundings, preventing your skin from being dehydrated due to the changing weather.