AMC Theatres, Walmart Partner on Retail Popcorn Business

AMC Theatres, Walmart Partner on Retail Popcorn Business
Feb 2023

The world's largest movie theater circuit will begin selling its microwave and ready-to-eat movie popcorn varieties in select U.S. stores next month.

AMC Theatres has found a partner for its new retail popcorn business: Walmart.

The mega-cinema circuit's new line of microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn products will launch exclusively in select Walmart stores on March 11. The following month, AMC Perfectly Popcorn varieties will be on the shelves of more than 2,600 Walmart locations and on walmart.com.

A six-count package of the microwave varieties are expected to retail for $4.98 plus tax, according to AMC. Ready-to-eat popcorn, available in a 4.2 ounce to 5.2 ounce bag, are expected to retail for $3.98.

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AMC Theatres, the largest movie chain in the U.S. and the world, first announced its plan to diversify into the retail popcorn business in November 2021. The initiative is intended to create a new revenue stream as cinemas recover from the COVID-19 crisis and contend with changing consumer habits in the age of streaming.

In Tuesday's statement announcing the Walmart deal, AMC chair-CEO Adam Aron said the company is making good on its promise.

"On March 11, which is Oscars weekend, we will enter the multi-billion-dollar retail popcorn industry with at-home popcorn that features the authentic taste of real movie theater popcorn," Aron said. "We are especially pleased that we are doing so in an exclusive launch with Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States."

Following the exclusive launch at Walmart locations this spring, AMC hopes to broaden the distribution channels for its new popcorn line.