Alia Bhatt Swears By These Holy-Grail Skin Care Ingredients

Alia Bhatt Swears By These Holy-Grail Skin Care Ingredients
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Feb 2023

When on duty, our favourite Bollywood divas wear layers of heavy makeup, and still when we spot them off-work, their skin is glowing. Every single time, it leaves us all wondering how do they do it. How do they manage to look flawless even when their skin goes through a lot while they are at work?

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That's one reason why we all are curious to go through the skincare routines of our favourite stars. Thanks to social media we now get easy access to the lives of Bollywood celebrities. Recently, Alia Bhatt took to her YouTube channel where she spoke about her skincare routine in detail along with her sister Shaheen Bhatt.

For the unversed, Alia Bhatt is quite passionate about her skincare and in the past, she has posted a couple of videos where she shared her skincare hacks and favourite skin care products with her followers on the gram and YouTube.


Alia Bhatt's Skin Care Kit

Alia Bhatt Swears By These Holy-Grail Skin Care Ingredients

In the video, Bhatt shared that her sister Shaheen gave us a personalised skincare guide on the occasion of Christmas and that's when she first got introduced to skin care. The guide included a list of skincare ingredients and a suggestion for her morning and evening routine.

Skin Type

Bhatt shared that to have a skincare routine it is crucial to understand what is your skin type. She shared that her skin type is combination. However, during her pregnancy, her skin was extremely sensitive and she didn't do anything for her skin.

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Skin Insecurities

Further, Alia Bhatt addressed her skin insecurities. She shared that acne has always been her primary insecurity. She said that someone who tends to pick acne which is a sin but she can't ever help it. Bhatt shared that she prevents it by using a pimple patch. Next, she shared that she gets dry patches around her mouth and nose area.

Skincare - Alia's Morning Routine

Alia Bhatt Swears By These Holy-Grail Skin Care Ingredients

Bhatt shared that no matter what her work routine for the day is, she makes sure that she follows her skin care as soon as she wakes up.

<strong>Step 1 - Cleansing

She starts by cleansing her face with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2 - Toning Mist

Next, she uses a toning mist with ingredients like tri-ceramide and probiotics.

Step 3 - Serum

Loaded with peptides, Alia Bhatt uses two pumps of her serum everyday and gently pats it into her skin.

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Step 4 - Moisturiser

Next, Bhatt follows up with a lightweight moisturiser. Her everyday moisturiser has ceramides.

Step 5 - Sunscreen

Bhatt shared that using sunscreen which her sister suggested her changed her life. She uses sunscreen with 50 SPF. She also shared her mantra 'more is more' when it comes to sunscreen.

Step 6 - Lip Balm

Lastly, Bhatt shared that she uses a lip balm with peptides in it.

Alia's sister, Shaheen Bhatt also shared her detailed skincare routine. She shared that she has a completely different skin type and skincare regime. Shaheen's skin type is dry and thus follows a different routine for her skin.

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