Alessandra Ambrosio Wears D&G Swimsuit Over Sheer Leggings For Carnival In Brazil: Photo

Alessandra Ambrosio Wears D&G Swimsuit Over Sheer Leggings For Carnival In Brazil: Photo
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Feb 2023


<strong>Alessandra Ambrosio never misses an opportunity to live it up in her home country of Brazil. The former Victoria's Secret supermodel, 41, took to the streets there to dance at Carnival over the weekend in an eye-catching ensemble worthy of her career. In a fun photo taken Saturday, Feb. 18, the mom of two rocked a black and white striped Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit paired with sheer D&G logo leggings! She finished the ensemble with an assortment of layered boho bracelets, a pair of black and white sneakers, and a simple necklace. Alessandra smiled seductively and closed her eyes as she popped her hip out and mimed a heart over her head. Around her, the annual iconic celebration seemed to be in full swing as she danced.

Showing off her stunning physique comes naturally for the Brazilian bombshell. In a 2016 interview, she spoke about how the culture there has affected her image of her body after having children. "It comes from that carnival culture, where women will parade around barely wearing a thing--just a tiny bikini, G-string or feathers," she told ELLE at the time. "Every woman's body is spectacular there, not because it's perfect but because they're loving life. It's never been about having a Barbie-like physique in Brazil but having the right curves, whatever your proportions or size."

And as for that stunning sense of relaxed Boho style, she says that's also influenced by Brazil -- the warm weather can't hurt her fondness for a sexy swimsuit. "I'm definitely most comfortable when I'm back in Brazil," she told Vogue, also in 2016. "I think because of the weather; I love it when it's really humid and warm. When my kids have holidays from school, like for the two months they have in the summer, we don't do summer camp or anything. Their summer camp is back in Brazil with the grandparents - they speak Portuguese, of course, but they have American accents too when they speak English - and they love it there. I wish we had more time in the sun."

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