Thank you for visiting Marsha’s blog!
At first Masha’s blog is created as a small online book which stores my own daily stories and especially experience after two years of doing embroider and sewing at home.

My main job used to be a restaurant manager in New York. I didn’t use to be interested in embroider and sewing until I met again my friend from college. Now she is a professional tailor and also member of “sewing arts” association.
She taught me basic techniques to make “backrest pillows” in my living room.

Then I was really happy to receive my husband’s compliment. Since then I started to do embroider. I didn’t know why I loved it more and more, and it became my habit. My husband bought me an embroidering-machine. And then I myself made my dresses, tablecloths or handbags for my children ….
One of the most valuable things I get through this job is strong identification and love between members in my family, which brings me a lot of happiness. Whenever I’m tired or stressful because of my job or simply want to take care of my family, I do embroidery and sewing.


I love to create, whether it be through drafting patterns, digitizing my own original embroidery or trying my hand at something new. My love of stitchery, matched with years of honing my technical skills, have won my embroidered wearables spots in fashion shows and my original embroidery designs have been sold to benefit important causes such as breast cancer research. I am a regular contributor to Threads, and participate in prestigious international fashion events. Fashion design is like architecture to me and I love wearing the clothes that I create.


With desire to share experience and technique for women like me, I created this blog. I hope you will find inspiration and useful things in this blog. Let’s do something for your small family and enjoy simple happiness. Please consider Marsha’s blog as a handbook, look through it, I believe you will get interesting experience.

“Let’s do something meaningful for family”