5 Notes To Care For Your Embroidery Machine

In spite of the widespread appearance of many kinds of the ready-made clothing with the reasonable price and various patterns or motifs, it can not deny that many women still has the deep passion for the handmade clothing due to its specific features that cannot be found in the ready-made clothing such as the uniqueness, beauty, and cheapness. One of the most crucial stages of creating the attraction of the handmade clothing is to make the motifs by using the embroidery machine. Conveniently, most of the modern machines of embroidering are improved and designed suitably with the combination of two functions that are sewing and embroidering to satisfy the specific needs of the customers to using at home.

Therefore, besides some remarkable notes about the way to choose the best embroidery machine for home business, it is suggested that you should pay attention to get more knowledge to maintain it during using process. In this article, it will provide you some useful fundamental tips to keep this machine to work fine not only to serve you for a longer time but also to create the products with the high quality as the promises of the manufacturer.

#1 – Having the embroidery machine unplugged and covered if your work is completed.

Although it seems that you can not take a look at dust in the surrounding environment, in reality, they exist in the forms of the tiny specks in the air and then easily enter too many sensitive parts of the machine. As a result, they cause some problems and errors in the operating process. So, it would be better for you to put in into the cabinet or use a furnishing fabric to prevent it from this status.

Source: http://blog.colmanandcompany.com/

Source: http://blog.colmanandcompany.com/

One more thing you should pay more attention is avoiding the electrical leakage when the machine’s plug is kept into the socket after the embroidering process. To reduce the risk of possible damages and bodily injuries, let take the plug out of the outlet as soon as the works are finished.

#2 – Wiping the lint of your machine with the attached brush.

In the embroidering process, it is hard to prevent the needle from getting stuck with the lint of fabric and threads, thereby it is suggested that you are extra gentle to use the brush, which is attached when you get the machine from the shop, to clean the surroundings of the needle and chunks on the surface of the machine at least twice a week.

#3 – Adding the oil to the moving parts.

adding oil to embroidery machine

Like other machines erected the moving parts, in order to prolong its lifespan and keep it running quietly and smoothly , it is one of the compulsory requirements to oil the moving parts periodically every 30 days as the maintaining information of the guide book. Moreover, oiling the machine has the positive effects on protecting your embroidery machine from the development of the rust. Don’t worry because all guidelines about this work are written clearly in the “how to maintain the embroidery machine” of the guide book. Conveniently, you just open the book and do as its instructions step by step.

#4 – Cleaning the embroidery machine’s parts once a week.

Cleaning the embroidery machine’s parts once a week.

Source: youtube.com

Besides oiling the moving parts, other sections of the machine are also made clear regularly such as the presser foot, the bobbin and the needle holes not to result in the deterioration of the productivity as the postponement of your projects. It would be convenient for you to use a small brush and a dry piece of cloth to clean different parts of the machine, even the small curves, the holes or the chicks inside.

#5 – Replacing the needle if it is necessary.



It can not deny that the most important part of the embroidery machine is the needle as it regularly and immediately combines the fabric with the thread to create various patterns although it is one of the smallest sections. Due to this reason, after an 8-hour period, it should be replaced by the new one when it is in blunt and rusty status. It would be better for you to keep the old needles in the box to avoid the possible risks of injuries.

Although in reality, there are many ways to instruct you in maintaining the embroidery machine, in this article, we show you some basic rules because of the variety of this device with different designs and forms. It is hopeful that by doing as these ways, you can create the great handmade cloth embroidered the impressive motifs by using the durable machine.