[Review] 4-Piece Embroidery Hoop Set – Replaces SA442 SA443 SA444 SA445


4-Piece Embroidery Hoop Set - Replaces SA442 SA443 SA444 SA445

4-Piece Embroidery Hoop Set - Replaces SA442 SA443 SA444 SA445

These hoops come as a set of four and are compatible with many brands including the Brother, Innovis, and Baby Lock.  These hoops are easy to use. The different hoops that come in the set are of these dimensions: 1×2.5 inches, 4×4 inches, 5×7 and 5×12 inches.

There are 3 hoops for repositioning the hoop in progressive sections to expand the embroidery area without having to re-hoop. The hoop is notched with clear grids and this perfects the placement of embroidery designs. For enhanced ease of use, there are markings on the hoop which can be used as a reference to avoid mistakes that come with estimations.

The hoops in the set are flexible. An adjustment screw is provided to secure fabric material of different thickness. Some hoops do not provide this and making the fabric taut becomes a challenge. The hoops are durable; they are not flimsy like most of the others and this guarantees long stitching life. The hoops fit perfectly in embroidery machines listed providing good results in the end.

There are no friendly hoops like these particular ones. They guide you through the stitching process with the markings and nothing. You will place the designs at the correct positions. You know nothing can be disappointing like designs which are not proportional.

Again, I cannot emphasize this enough. With the different sizes of hoops, you can use several embroidery machines with each of these hoops. You also have the advantage of putting up designs of different sizes. This means you can do embroidery on many articles starting for clothing to pillow cases.