List Of The Top 3 Things You Need To Know To Get Off To A Great Start

That is so amazing when you can make some handmade things yourself for you family or relatives. On the other hand, if you enjoy the prospect of a creative venture, then likely you’ll find the challenges interesting, stimulating, and fun. But the real question is what do you need to know? This essay will give you an excellent answer.

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#1 – Know what you are doing

It is necessary to know which kind of thing you want to make. You can’t even create embroidery if you don’t know how to load a design and get it sewing. Before starting, make sure that you understand step by step of the progress.

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The hoop is a part of the stable process and whenever it is possible, the fabric should be placed between the rings of the hoop. It is right that the fabric is at the tension, neither stabilizer nor loose. It also includes using the right stabilizer, both backing and topping as required. Make sure that you know clearly what to do with hoop.

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On the other hand, choosing a stabilizer plays an important role in making handmade things. Make sure that you consider the design carefully before starting. The more concentrated the stitches are, the more support it needs. The more stretchy the fabric, the more support it needs.

Many new embroiderers have never sewn a stitch by a machine before getting an embroidery machine, which is really a bad thing with them. So you should learn carefully about your embroidery to use it effectively.

#2 – Look for a good quality materials

Nowadays, embroidery threads which is made from cotton, rayon, polyester, and metallic, has being came more and more popular. Quality starts with how it’s made and is affected by age, how and where it’s stored, and how it’s handled. Most designs are made with 40 weight thread and you can get a perfect result if following this remark.

Selecting thread also includes the bobbin. Make sure that you use a bobbin thread which is designed for embroidery. Regular sewing thread is not a good substitute and can make your embroidery feel thick and stiff.

Moreover, you need to choose the suitable needle. The right needle is the one that can carry the thread through the fabric without damaging the thread or the fabric and without excess flexing of the needle.

#3 – Getting knowledge about how the stitches affect to fabric



Stitch length, density, and angle are all factors in to how the design will affect the fabric so much. When you understand this, better design or fabric or stabilizer choices will be made. If you pick a design just because of it’s beauty, you will have the same chance of getting a good result.

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If you follow all tips mentioned above, it could be made sure that you will have a excellent beginning. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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