10 Productive Tips For Commercial Embroidery

  1. Embrace Order



The order is critical in commercial embroidery. It can end up saving you lots of time and time is a key factor in this industry. So how do you embrace order? Keep all your tools in the exact places where they get used. For example, do not leave the scissors far from the table where you cut backing since this will cost you some time. If necessary, you should even get more than one item, for each workstation. Moving equipment around messes up the order in the workplace and this will work to your eventual disadvantage.

  1. Always have good ott lighting or natural lighting in the workplace

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Lighting is critical in commercial embroidery since it is the only way you can be able to correctly tell colors apart. Of course, it will also aid in your selection of colors. Make sure the lighting does not result in the room getting too hot. Also, some artificial lighting options will end up distorting the colors of thread. If necessary, you can even get a machine with LED lighting.

  1. Sort Your Threads by Color

Storing your threads by color will help you get a certain color much faster, and this will save you a great deal of time.

  1. Dry Clean Your Items Before Applying Embroidery

During embroidery, it is not uncommon to have the items shrink. Dry cleaning your items before applying embroidery will help handle any shrinkage that may occur.

  1. Use a good quality needle


The type of needle you use for embroidery needs to be able to work on the kind of items you are using. It is advisable to change your needle frequently. Usually, needles will start to skip stitches after 15 hours of real use. To maintain a good level of productivity, don’t wait to see a skipped stitch or two before taking action to change your needle. In addition, the thickness of your needle should be considered in relation to the weight of the item you are working on.

  1. Correctly Position the Thread

When you pull the thread from the spool, you may notice some struggle and stress. This should not happen. Instead, the thread should be positioned in such a way that it flows freely from the spool when you do your knitting. Otherwise, you may have to deal with some distortion and this is bad for commercial embroidery.

  1. Avoid Dust in the Work Place

Build up of dust in an embroidery workplace can be disastrous. Every day, make sure you clear off the dust from the embroidery thread, the rotary hook, and the knife area. The embroidery thread will get weaker with a build up of dust and this will make it cut while you use it.

  1. Carry out Regular Maintenance

Maintenance of your machinery is important as it ensures all your equipment will be working at optimum. Ideally, you should carry out regular maintenance of your equipment and machinery every week. This way, you will not experience any delays resulting from the breakdown of machinery.

  1. Don’t Rush your Embroidery Machine Shopping


The embroidery machine is the single most important item in your workplace. You may be tempted to buy a cheap embroidery machine in an attempt to save money. This will definitely end up working to your disadvantage. Instead, consider the quality of the machine you are purchasing. Go through reviews on the internet before choosing a machine to purchase. Going for a low-quality machine will end up draining your time and money, especially through the constant repairs. At some point, the repairs may even end up costing as much as the machine itself. And not to mention the hours wasted when the machine is not working.

Also, you should be able to know what kind of machine can handle the kind of fabric you intend to use. You can even test out the fabric on the machinery before making your purchase. The size of the designs you intend to make should also be taken into account. A machine with a small embroidery space will not be able to handle large designs, and this will waste more of your time and money.

Although it might be more expensive, machines with features that are useful to you will end up saving a lot of your time. For example, a machine that can let you download designs from the internet and directly store them in the machine’s library helps save you a lot of time.

  1. Store the Thread Close to the Needle

The time taken changing from one color to another can be cut by having your thread stored close to the needle. This is especially important if you work with many colors, and have a machine with less number of needles.