How To Make A Laptop Bag Look More Feminine

Hi, welcome back! Today, i wanna show you some tips and tricks for your life, especially the girls. This is tips for your bag. Let’s go!

Step1: Choose a laptop bag that is as small and compact as will fit your laptop



Step2: Choose any color but black. Stand out from the millions of black laptop bags in the world.


Step 3: Add a dash of color on one corner of the bag.


  • Add a cute sticker, or a snazzy pattern.


  • Try fabric paint. You can paint it on yourself or use a stencil to get a clean design if you’re not so artistic.


  • Check out fabric stores for trim and brightly colored fabric that would fit your style. You can sew these items on if you know how, or simply hot glue them.


  • Tie some decorative hangings to the zipper. A key chain, charms, and beads all work.


Step 4: Embellish the handle and the shoulder strap, which gives it a very smart look. This is another good place for a key chain, charms, and pins.


Step 5: Keep your bag clean and organized. It should not just look good, but be handy, too. :) Use just a slender laptop sleeve to protect the laptop. Then, put the sleeve into a larger tote bag or handbag. Tote bags come in all sorts of colors and styles. This has the added advantage of not looking like a laptop case, so it is a somewhat less obvious target for thieves.


Step 6: If you’re crafty, make your own laptop case. You could sew, crochet, or see the related articles for more ideas. In addition, you can embroider whatever you like on your bag.


Notes: I have some example of embroidery model for you. It’s so easy to made by embroidery machines. I hope you enjoy it.

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Make your personal style statement with a personalized laptop bag that goes beyond all the generic store ones. This one says “You” with a capital Y. It’s so easy. If you have any questions, don’t be shy and comment bellow my article. I’ll help you.

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